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Apr 2, 2007 06:49 PM

Good restaurant walking distance from 14th & MSt., NW?

My brother and family are visiting and staying at the Homewood Suites on 14th & MSt., NW. Is there any good restaurants walking distance from there? They like Mexican, Italian, and American. Anything chow-worthy around there?

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  1. definitely Corduroy... it's at 12th and K.... not the best decor, but great food...

    1. I'm actually down there with some regularity. Many options within just a few blocks.

      Acadiana is probably my first rec. 901 New York Avenue, N.W.

      From there, you can easily go south into the Chinatown area, which you can search easily on. Just a little further east, on the other side of the new convention center is AV Ristorante, a solid red cloth italian place set to close later this year.

      Corduroy and DC Coast are closer back to your hotel.

      That's a few to get you started.

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        Thanks for the great suggestions. Forgot to mention that there are 2 teenagers involved who won't like the "gourmet" food. Plus the prices are a bit high for my sibling from what I could tell from the menus at Corduroy and Acadiana. Chinatown and AV's sounds more like my range. Anything more suggestions like that?

        1. re: Mulan

          try matchbox (american) and rosa mexicana (yes, mexican) in Chinatown...
          also, there is a Chipotle (burrito counter-service) there as well...

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            Stoney's is a place that used to be on L near 13th. Unfortunately that classic location closed. Still, it's not too far, at 14th and P. Solid american fare such as burgers. It is a bar, as well, fyi. There are a few other places on either side, though I've not taken time too investigate too much. If they like Thai, Thai-Tanic is south on 14th a block or two from there.

            On K st, about 12th or 13th is a place that heralds from I'm not sure where - I think Afghani, but could be from further east. Anyway, they have an incredible lunch deal - costs maybe $8-9, but you get SO much food and it's pretty good. It's a bustling place at noon time and sometimes makes me think I'm in NY for a second, but it's a semi-regular stop when I visit my client near there. Somehow I never remember the name or exact location, I just find it. There's a big concrete patio in front, setting it back from the street by a bit.

        2. There is an excellent restaurant called Viridian at, I think, 14th and P Streets. I was there for dinner last Saturday and was reasonably encouraged. Michael Hartzer (sp?) who worked at Citronelle, and then did a short stint at Rays the Classics in Silver Spring has taken over the kitchen and just released his spring menu. While I didn't think anything I had was outstanding, the mussels and a duo of tartars to start were pretty well done if not at all original. A darn good strip steak and a marginal halibut rounded out what was an enjoyable and reasonably priced meal. Certtainly not a destination restaurant in my mind, but a perfect solution to "what's in the neighborhood." They have a website you can visit.

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            Glad to hear the changes have not dulled Virdian's attractiveness. I liked Viridian very much when I ate there last summer (because of its proximity to the Source Theater). We were impressed with how easy it was to talk despite the starkly modern ambiance -- and then noticed the "egg crate" foam rubber glued under the tables to muffle sounds. Nice touch!

          2. I'll second Stoney's and AV. Both solid and cheap. Can't go wrong with the strip steak sandwich at the former and white pizza at the latter. Across from AV is Hodges Sandwich Shop. A carryout with seating in front but handcarved roast beef, turkey, and baked ham on Friday. Acadiana is more upscale, but they got a good debris sandwich. Further west you'll find one of the best burgers in town at Sign of the Whale. Pub grub but made-to-order and reasonably priced compared to everything else in the 'hood. And the Post Pub is always good, greasy, and cheap.

            1. Just a few blocks away is Casa Blanca on Vermont, between K and L. Solid Mexican with some other regional specialties, and very cheap.