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Apr 2, 2007 06:27 PM

Cortona and beyond...

Hi- Going to Cortona and the Tuscan environs in April and was looking for some lunch spots and one dinner spot. We are eating at Il Falconiere as someones guest, otherwise I wouldn't ned so fancy a meal. Please let me know of any small town trattorie that may come to mind near, and including Cortona...Thanks

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  1. check out this thread and also search this Board and International - theres a lot in the area.

    1. Il Falconiere is the well recognized place in town but my parents live in Cortona and have never been. Anyway, I know you said you were invited. My family prefers Osteria Il Theatro by the main town square for fine dining (not as expensive as Il Falconiere) where there's a mix of locals and tourists. Get the priest strangler pasta (that's what it is called in translation - not easy to forget) the game bird with grapes, carpaccio, or their steak dishes. Corys is a hotel way at the top of the hill in Cortona, close to the church and the Francis Mayes house. They serve great higher end Tuscan fare as well and do a great job with special menus when local mushrooms are in season. Check in with them. A great place to get a more low key Tuscan experience is Vino e Pane on Pizza Signorelli. Order plates of salume and cheeses with a great bottle of wine. Finally, get the most out of the fact that Tuscan food is simple and cheap and go to the low on charm but high on value CROCE del TRAVAGLIO - it's my first stop when I'm in Cortona. I literally dream for day before I arrive about their pizza.
      PANE E VINO P.zza Signorelli, 75 Tel.0575/631010
      CORYS Località Torreone 6 Tel.0575/605143
      CROCE del TRAVAGLIO Via Dardano, 1 Cortona Tel.0575/62832

      If you're looking for a great place to stay between Cortona and Montepulciano, I recommend La Corte Del Sole - their restaurant is great too:
      Indirizzo: Loc. Petrignano
      Telefono: 075 / 9689008

      Finally, there's a market on Saturday in Cortona and Camucia on Tuesday (that's the less charming town at the bottom of the hill) - don't miss the porchetta - it's a roasted whole pork that they slice and make sandwiches out of.

      Have a great time!