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Apr 2, 2007 03:51 PM

Morton's gift card [moved from Boston board]

I was given a $100 gift card to Mortons last year, and I have yet to use it. I am not a steak person, I am more of a sushi addict...

I was told Mortons averages over $100 per person with a couple of drinks... kind of makes me wonder if I should just sell it on Craig's List.

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  1. Try their lobster (or shrimp) and a side or two. The wine list by the glass isn't bad, either. You should get out of there for well under $100 a person.

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    1. re: wittlejosh

      The last MP i saw for a lobster at Morton's was $82 and they had no idea how to cook it so it was Black & Blue. Blah. So that plus a side and a drink will probably cost you $130 less the GC.

      1. re: wittlejosh

        getting lobster at a steakhouse could be the biggest rip-off in any restaurant. upscale places are usually charging about $40 a pound. insane, and they're not usually cooked well at all.

      2. there are gift card exchanges that are offered online now. just google 'gift card exchange' also, you could always regift, i'd love it myself.