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Apr 2, 2007 05:51 PM

New place at Haight/Fillmore ??

Anyone have any information about this new restaurant at Haight & Fillmore? It was all lit up on Saturday night but empty...

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  1. are you referring to Visit, next to Cafe International? The Tablehopper had an update 2 weeks ago:
    I hate hearing about projects tanking or going south or just not working out. Seems the designer and owner of ~VISIT~, which was going to be a VERY cool space in the Lower Haight, had some irreconcilable differences just before the project was almost complete, back in November. So the owner has been making changes to the design the past three months, and who knows what’s going in there now or what it’s going to look like. All will be revealed? 518 Haight St. at Fillmore St.

    Hopefully since it was all lit up things are back on track.

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      Didn't look open yet when we walked by there Sunday, but the sign was "Visit Thai"

    2. I walked by this evening. Staff seems to be in there but it wasn't open.