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Apr 2, 2007 05:26 PM

Best ethnic food in the Red Bank area. [moved from Manhattan board]

Looking for some interesting options in the area. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Depends on the price level,,,,,,,,,,,Many options available.......

    Siam Garden..,,,,,a bit more upscale than your typical Thai.....

    Juanitos.......Mexican with a nice garden out back.....a step above other Mex restaurants

    Le Petite France........Small Bistro, quiet romantic with very good French cuisine

    The Little Kraut.....a 30 year landmank with excellent European fare. Must have the potatopancakes and the roast duck. You'll remember both for a long time. They also have excellent fish and veal entrees.

    Sogno....Great northern Italian....upscale.....everything always fresh

    Teak.....Very upscale Asian with a Thai and Japonese Menu...a bit pricy but worth the dining experience.

    As far as good ethnic.....that's about as good as it gets without getting into the Nicholas's and David Burkes............Hope I helped

    1. La Petite France was sold last year and now has a new name, which escapes me at the moment. Reviews by Hounds who have been there since the change have been rather tepid.

      I am not a fan of Sogno. The last time we were there -- and it will be the last time -- some of the food I had was just plain awful. It was all the more disappointing because we had had previously had an excellent meal there. Since that last visit, I read that the original owners have sold the restaurant, but I'm still avoiding it.

      When The Little Kraut was in its orginal location on Monmouth St., the food was excellent. And it remained so for a few years even after the move to its current location. Unfortunately, the food then took a precipitous downward slide, and that's where it's at these days. And, btw, it has always been an expensive place to diner. That was o.k. when the food was of a high caliber, but certainly not under the current circumstances.

      My suggestion for a good ethnic spot would be Far East Taste, which is quite close to Red Bank, on Route 35, in Eatontown. Chef/owner Richard Wang is serving his take on Thai, Malaysian, and Chinese cuisines. Fans concentrate on the delicious food and ignore the space's serious case of ambiance deprivation.

      1. Le Petite France is now called, "Bievenue". Just skip the place all together. Hated it!

        Go down the street to Fair Haven to a little BYOB...Le Fandy. OH MY!!! You will not be disappointed at all!

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          Feel bad - nice ambiance - but I agree on Beinvenue - woof! Thanks for posting everyone.

        2. you'll have better like in the mid-atlantic boards. try re-posting your comment there. More central NJ chows.

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            I agree with stack c. If you posted there, I'd tell you all about Far East Taste, Juanito's, etc.