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Apr 2, 2007 05:22 PM

Homemade Pasta Recipe?

I made homemade pasta for the first time today and have a couple follow up questions. I used the following proportions:

* 1 cup of American Unbleached White Flour
* 1 egg
* 1 tbsp of EVOO
* 1 tsp of salt

I tried to use just 1 egg but it wasn't enough to bring the flour together. I added a whole another egg the first, but it turned too egg-y (good for Chinese food but not Italian). The next time I just added an extra egg yolk and not the egg white. This seemed to get me the result I wanted.

Every recipe I've read only calls for 1 egg, so I ask is there something I'm missing? 1 egg isn't not close enough to bring the flour together for me. Should I use extra water instead of an extra egg yolk?

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  1. I guess the first thing I'd check is that you're measuring your flour correctly. It should be loose in your measuring cup, not packed down. I usually spoon it into the cup, then level.

    If you're doing that correctly, then I don't see a reason why adding an extra yolk would be a problem, if the added fat/cholesterol doesn't bother you. It probably makes the pasta taste better than adding plain water. Which you can do...but it sounds to me like you've found something that works, so I'd just stick with that!

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      Hmm ... I'll admit I was using 1 cup packed. I was going off a recipe I saw on the Food Network. I'll give it a try with unpacked flour.

    2. Flour varies in moisture content, folks who bake bread often, know this is very much a fact. So depending, yes, your flour may need extra liquid. I usually only add water, as this can be added in very small amounts to get it just right and does not add any additional taste. Adding an extra egg does change the texture of the pasta.

      If I am making a flavored pasta, I often add fluid from the flavoring agent, say spinach, beets, etc.

      1. I use a marcella hazan pasta recipe - and it is 1 cup flour to 2 eggs and salt. It usually works perfectly for me - depending on the size of the eggs I may add a little flour as i knead it if it seems to sticky. You will get a feel for the dough the more often you make it. It is important to bring the dough together - let it rest for a few minutes and then knead it for about 8 minutes. Then cover it and let rest for at least 30 minutes before you start making the pasta.

        1. I think the classic technique is to make a mound of flour and mix it with the salt. Then add the liquid in the middle. Use your fingers to bring in the flour as needed - I never end up using as much flour as the recipe calls for and I always figure it is because I live on the west coast and 1C here is probably more then 1C in drier climates. So I would recommend holding back flour rather then trying to add more liquid.

          That said I have also made it in my kitchen aid and added water with a sprayer if it was needed.


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            I know it must be difficult to describe, but how thick should the dough be?

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              That's a really good point -- if you do the hole-in-the-mountain style [i.e., make the mound of flour that Katerina described, and make a valley in the middle for your egg, using a fork to slowly incorporate flour into the egg], at some point flour will just stop being easily added and then you kindof just roll your dough in the leftover flour, to coat it for its 30-minute rest. If it's still sticky on the outside then I'd say you can still add a little flour... which will happen almost automatically because you're rolling the dough in the flour.

              This is really a hard thing to describe online... I hope you're getting closer to figuring all this out!

            2. don't use a volume measure use weight to measure your flour 1lb flour will use five eggs add a touch of salt and away you go. You also have to remember that the humidity that day may also effect your dough. also remember to use large eggs unless otherwise stated. hope tis helps?