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Apr 2, 2007 05:02 PM

Any wonderfully healthy breakfast?

I want to treat my father to breakfast to brighten his easter morning- splitting time between the parents :) . I eat lean and healthy and I am wanting something lightHe would not mind eating that way also. Not too complicated or time involved since we will be eating again soon. My brother will also be attending and would like a variety to choose from- he's 18. Any suggestions on places around the sound with great breakfasts that are or can be made healthy. Any places with great whole wheat options, or fantastic egg white omelets, or beyond belief oatmeal? I am at a loss for my own suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. What about Cafe Flora in Madison Valley?

    Honestly, I haven't been yet, but many friends love the place.

    I also really like Crave on Cap hill.
    Good variety of healthy and indulgent foods. And mimosas made with Pomegranate juice qualify as healthy, yes? That's what I tell myself anyway.

    1. I think 35th street bistro in freemont would fit your bill (I think the website is It's one of my favorite brunch spots, in large part because it's light, healthy, delicious, and they have a great menu.

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        oh yeah, and the environment of the restaurant is just wonderful too

      2. Portage Bay Cafe is the place to go. Organic ingredients and great breakfasts.

        1. The housemade granola w/ rhubarb yogurt at Steelhead Diner is very good (and they have many other options).

          1. A friend of mine suggested Louisa's(sp?- not quite sure) down off roanoke exit on the water- that was the only direction I was given- has anyone been there- feedback? Also, I have been looking at some of the wonderful suggestions and finding that most do not open early enough for our breakfast :( I am in need of a place that is open around 8 am*

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              Obviously you already had your breakfast. But I just wanted to jump in and vote no on Louisa's. It's an average bakery at best.
              In the future you can get a 7am breakfast at Geraldine's in Columbia City. They have healthier options. But the focus is diner/comfort.
              For fresh and light I would go for Cafe Flora. Delicious, but opens at 9am.