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Apr 2, 2007 04:19 PM

Vegas Eats Near Mandalay Bay?

I'm heading out to Las Vegas next week for work and will be meeting up with a coworker who arrives before me. We are staying at Mandalay Bay. Any good restaurants we should try? We probably will eat around 8-8:30, and would like to keep it close to the hotel since we'll both be tired. Good drinks are a definite plus. Budget is $50-70 pp (without drinks). Thanks!

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  1. Why bother with near? There are all kinds of great places right there:

    Border Grill
    Red, White and Blue
    The bar at Fleur De Lys

    The list goes on...

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    1. re: GroovinGourmet

      Thanks. I was looking at the Mandalay Bay website and thought there were several good options, but I've never been to any of them. Do you have any favorites? Someone told me the food at rumJungle is good - any idea if that's true?

      1. re: boogiebaby

        Fleur de Lys is our favorite at Mandalay Bay but you can't eat there for $50 or even $75, food only (although I have no idea about what food might be available in the bar). Looking at closer to $100.

        If you don't have steaks, I think you could get away at Stripsteak within your budget and still eat very well. Have some starters like the Kobe tartare and the foie gras sliders, have some sides, you should be good.

        Another alternative although it's not sceney is Burger Bar, where the food is wonderful. If I were in your situation, I might do dinner at Burger Bar and then go to one of the more upscale restaurants for dessert.

        Sorry can't help you on rumJungle but it looks like a bar rather than a restaurant. I wouldn't necessarily recommend China Grill (is it even still at Mandalay?) based on my experiences at the China Grill in NY, same for Border Grill which obviously is based here in L.A. - nothing special for you (I see you on the L.A. board).

        Aureole would also go over your budget plus it's not as good as it used to be a few years ago.

        1. re: Debbie W

          china grill is still's ok...i would make the drive to spring mountain for chinese (at 8:00 are 10-15 minutes from mandalay) the $ saved on the meal will easily cover the cab drive...the downer is what to do with the leftovers !!!

          great idea on burger bar...another suggestion on door to the burger bar is a candy/bakery cafe...i forget the name...i browsed through it after a fine burger...i made a mental note that every time i was at mandalay bay i would go in and at least try a piece of candy...but the desserts looked great too !!!

          i like border grill , it's reasonably priced, comfprtable room...somewhat removed from the hustle and bustle. I've had appetizers at rum jungle...ok...i love the drinks !!! i believe they may have the brazilian meat buffet option but i'm not sure if that's still available. there is also a cafe/bistro next to burger looks nice, but i have not eaten there.

    2. Panevino, Table 34, Memphis Championship BBQ, Bootlegger.

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      1. re: Vegas Vic

        Had dinner @ Bootlegger last was terrific!

        Had the Mussels w/ the spicy Marinara and the Chicken was fabulous w/ the complimentary garlic knots....and a bottle of Chianti! Felt I was back in old time Vegas!
        Don't miss Monday mike never know who will show up!!!!

      2. I had a great dinner at China grill. I thought that Red, White and Blue's food was not very good. Border grils ambience is lame. If you do go to one of the fancier places(Fleur De Lys,etc.) - make reservations at least a day before, or you probably will not get in any of them, and you will be stuck with the burger place (Red, White and Blue).

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        1. re: sallybean

          For seafood, try RM Seafood (upstairs) or the more casual R Bar Cafe (downstairs).

          1. re: westie

            I like Border Grill quite a bit and if you are eating at 8:30, sit outside. The ambience is wonderful there! (as are the margaritas).

            R Bar offers some of the best oysters in LV, as well as plenty of other great choices.

            Stay away from Red Square (except maybe for drinks). I went once with two others and everyone's dishes left a lot to be desired, as well as being overpriced.

            Have fun!

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          1. I really LOVE Fiamma Trattoria at the MGM (it's almost across the street!). They used to have one here in PHX at the James Hotel - it wasn't as good as the one in Vegas and the menu was different. But that closed when The Mondrian took over the hotel (haven't been to the new restaurant). Fiamma has this roasted bone-in rib eye with a port wine reduction that is so good, and I usually don't order red meat. They also make homemade pastas and have a top-notch Caesar (I judge the quality of a restaurant a lot of time based on the quality of the Caesar salad). Pretty good wine list, and a decent Madeira too (those are always hard to find). Mmmm... I am wishing I could fly to Vegas right now for some yummy grub.