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Apr 2, 2007 04:14 PM

Hell's Kitchen Cheap Mexican-REVIEWS

Tulcingo Del Valle-A+
Everything I had was excellent. The chilaquiles (with the hotter red sauce) topped with scrambled eggs. The mexican eggs. The queso fresco. The guac. The cafe con leche. Homerun. Eat in the informal deli part and not the restaurant.

The place is quaint (a deli with a surprise little food counter in the back). Tacos are OK. Prices are low.

Leon Bakery-B
The tamales are very good, but they are heated (unsuccessfully) in an improptu steamer sitting in the middle of the floor. Would be charming if it had been successful.

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  1. Awesome! I love love love Mex in NYC!

    1. next time when you go to tehuitzingo ask for daily specials. Chicken in tomatillo sauce is great

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      1. re: mimolette

        Mimolette is right--the braised tongue in molé special is out of this world.



      2. What's the "informal deli part"? Self-service/no seating? Is there a difference in the food? Just wondering because if I wanted to go with a larger group a regular sit-down meal might make more sense.

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        1. re: NancyC

          The deli section has tables (4 people max per table) with waitress service, like the restaurant. Same food. But you get to watch all the take-out customers, and it feels more cozy.

        2. I'm sorry you didn't have a better experience at Tehuitzingo, which is my HK Cheap Mexican go-to spot. The comments above are true--the daily specials generally soar. My favorite taco in Manhattan is their Chorizo with Sweet Potato. Give 'em another shot!