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Apr 2, 2007 03:34 PM

passover baked goods in SF or Oakland/Berkeley?

As a transplanted L.A. Valley Jew, I was a little shocked to find out that many grocery stores up here don't have much in the way of Passover.

Tonight I am specifically looking for macaroons or other dessert items -- and preferably not the canned Manischewitz kind. Are there any bakeries that might still have macaroons for tonight's dinner?

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  1. Well this report has some helpful information. Market Hall may be your best bet because it looks like the Grand Bakery may be closed early today.

    1. I hope that you don't mind if the desserts are merely traditional, as opposed to kosher. I am not aware of any local bakery that makes kosher for Passover desserts, but there are several good options for very tasty, Passover-style desserts. The macaroons from Grand Bakery are quite good. We picked some up from the bakery itself (on Grand) Friday, but its kosher and will close for the holiday, if it has not already. They are not certified Kosher for Passover. Grand Bakery products are available at a number of grocery stores in the area, including Berkeley Bowl. I think I have also seen them at Piedmont Grocers, Andronicos and Farmer Joe's, but you might want to call first, to make certain that they have macaroons. In the past, I have also gotten Passover style desserts (macaroons, meriengues and flourless cake) from Sweet Adeline and Crixa. Both were fine. Sweet Adeline seems to take the most interest in the Jewish holidays of the local bakeries; she has offerings for Rosh also. I'd probably call there first. The Pasta Shop has a Passover menu, which includes some desserts. I read somewhere (maybe on this board) that Saul's Deli is offering a large, first-come-first-served Passover takeout menu. Not sure how impressive their options will be. Last year, Katrina Rozelle on College had some spcial Passover desserts as well. I did not try them, but generally enjoy her stuff. Enjoy!

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        Saul's had a collection of Grand Bakery's macaroons, but they closed today at 3pm due to the holiday.

      2. Sweet Things in the Cove shopping center in Tiburon has very high quality cakes, cookies, etc.(although all commercial bakeries are too sweet for my taste) and has passover items although I don't know if it's strictly kosher, ie they make other stuff and may not segregate the equipment. They carried stuff through the week last year and when we got desperate it tasted really good!