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Black and White Cookies?

I must admit that I loved the black and white cookies when starbucks use to offer them, but they haven't lately, so I get the feeling like they have discontinued selling them. Is there any place in the DC area that sells black and white cookies? I've been having a hard time tracking a place down. Thanks!

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  1. Hmm, I am not sure I know how to put a link in but... here's some places discussed about a year ago. I saw them again lately at the deli in Tenleytown that I mention in this thread.


    1. The Balducci's in McLean sells black and white cookies at their sandwich counter. The king-sized cookie is sold individually and medium-sized cookies are sold in pairs. I'm not not fan of these cookies. The texture of the cookie bothers me; it's more like a cake than a crisp cookie. I don't know if they start out crisp but become get soft and cake-like because of the plastic wrap or whether that's the desired texture. All I know is that this version doesn't match my childhood memory of deli versions.

      In NYC, these cookies are a staple at delis, so you might want to check DC-area delis.

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        Black and white (half-moon) cookies are supposed to have a cakelike texture.

        I've neither found nor been able to recreate half moons approaching the ones I remember from upstate NY. But it's been awhile since I really tried to do either.

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          YES! The ones in Upstate were AMAZING. I went to school up there. The best cake I've ever had was a bday cake my best friend's Mom would send every year from the Waterville/Utica area. It was a giant Half Moon cake and soooo delicious.

      2. I've always seem them at Wegmans in Fairfax. And they are from an upstate NY bakery.

        1. Shopper's Food Warehouse!

          1. I know they have them at Dean and Deluca in Georgetown. They also def have them at the Jewish deli in Tenleytown...some one help me out with the name???

            I love black and white cookies but I grew up calling them half moons. Not sure if this was a Boston thing, a Chicago thing (where my Mom is from), or just some weird thing with my family.

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              The Jewish Deli in Tenlytown used to be Mel Krupin's now is called some generic name like New York Deli.

            2. I was at the Mom's Apple Pie Company in Leesburg just this morning, and they had black and white cookies. They also have shops in Sterling, Occoquan, Herndon, and Warrenton.

              1. I'm curious, for those who are reporting half moon sightings, have you tried them?

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                  Not me.

                  I have had other baked goods at the Parkway Deli (mentioned in the linked thread) that were good, but I am not a fan of black and whites so I have never tried them. Now on the other hand if someone could point me to one of those New York area style jelly doughnuts - the rectangular ones with granulated sugar on the outside....

                  Not sure this does anyone any good, but a couple weeks ago in New Jersey I saw that Entenmann's sells individually packaged black and whites now - I've never seen that before. I don't know if they are distributed around here. Might be worth stopping in at their outlet store on Rockville Pike?

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                    I've tried them at both Dean and Deluca and Morty's. Both are very yummy. I believe the Dean and Deluca ones are mini half moons. The Morty's ones are more traditional...cakey and delicious. Probably a lot fresher made too but I can't guarentee that.

                  2. Bagel Buddies in Fair Lakes has black-and-whites shipped in from NYC on weekends. They're half-price on Mondays. They're pretty good.

                    My black-and-white fan husband also likes the bins of mini B&Ws you can buy at the bakery sections of Costco and BJ's.

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                      I also loved the b/w cookies at Starbuck's. I'm not a coffee drinker, so am not at Starbuck's often, I didn't realize the cookies were gone. Bummer.

                      I have seen b/w cookies at the new Harris Teeter in Foxchase Alexandria. I haven't tried them yet, but have been tempted. They look right!

                    2. They caught my eye at the Whole Foods in Baltimore last night, because of your post!

                      Perhaps your local Whole Paycheck also carries them.

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                        You can get them at the Whole Foods on 7 in Tysons. Very cakey. I liked the Starbuck's version better. This is probably sacrilege to those from NY, but I like the BWs at Celebrity Deli. They're very hard, as BWs go, but the icing is tastey. I also like the Balducci's version.

                      2. I saw some in Magruder's (grocery store) today. They were cellophane wrapped, about 4 inches in diameter. I know, I know, I should have read the label to see where they came from but for a buck and a quarter it looked like a lot of cookie.

                        1. I just went to Whole Foods in Silver Spring to buy some fruit and vegetables, I swear, and there was a big display of black and white cookies. How could I not buy one for research purposes?

                          Unfortunately although my credentials as born and bred eater of New York baked cookies are impeccable, as I said earlier I was never a big fan of these, so I don't have too much basis for comparison. But if it would help anyone to quiz me on the details of the sensory experience, fire away.

                          1. From the latest e-mail newsletter from Beanetics (Annandale coffee roaster in the ex-Magruder's shopping center):

                            "A Real New York Black and White Cookie

                            We began offering an original black and white cookie shipped in from New York. We sold out faster than we could imagine – but we have restocked. We are now carrying this as a regular menu item. If you have never tried one of these, indulge! "

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                              I can't vouch for their authenticity, but cakey black and whites can be found at the bakery just inside the door at Eastern Market.