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Apr 2, 2007 03:28 PM

Black and White Cookies?

I must admit that I loved the black and white cookies when starbucks use to offer them, but they haven't lately, so I get the feeling like they have discontinued selling them. Is there any place in the DC area that sells black and white cookies? I've been having a hard time tracking a place down. Thanks!

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  1. Hmm, I am not sure I know how to put a link in but... here's some places discussed about a year ago. I saw them again lately at the deli in Tenleytown that I mention in this thread.

    1. The Balducci's in McLean sells black and white cookies at their sandwich counter. The king-sized cookie is sold individually and medium-sized cookies are sold in pairs. I'm not not fan of these cookies. The texture of the cookie bothers me; it's more like a cake than a crisp cookie. I don't know if they start out crisp but become get soft and cake-like because of the plastic wrap or whether that's the desired texture. All I know is that this version doesn't match my childhood memory of deli versions.

      In NYC, these cookies are a staple at delis, so you might want to check DC-area delis.

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      1. re: Indy 67

        Black and white (half-moon) cookies are supposed to have a cakelike texture.

        I've neither found nor been able to recreate half moons approaching the ones I remember from upstate NY. But it's been awhile since I really tried to do either.

        1. re: mattm

          YES! The ones in Upstate were AMAZING. I went to school up there. The best cake I've ever had was a bday cake my best friend's Mom would send every year from the Waterville/Utica area. It was a giant Half Moon cake and soooo delicious.

      2. I've always seem them at Wegmans in Fairfax. And they are from an upstate NY bakery.

        1. Shopper's Food Warehouse!

          1. I know they have them at Dean and Deluca in Georgetown. They also def have them at the Jewish deli in Tenleytown...some one help me out with the name???

            I love black and white cookies but I grew up calling them half moons. Not sure if this was a Boston thing, a Chicago thing (where my Mom is from), or just some weird thing with my family.

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              The Jewish Deli in Tenlytown used to be Mel Krupin's now is called some generic name like New York Deli.