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HELP - laid back dinner, great food

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Hi there, I want to take a friend out to a good dinner, somewhere laid back and comfortable but great food being the center. I like any type of food so all suggestions are welcomed.

Thanks in advance - oh and any part of manhattan, no particular area.

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      1. Ivo & Lulu
        558 Broome St.

        It's very chill and intimate. The simple franco-Caribbean food is made even better by the fact that they're BYO. They use organic/free range ingredients and have incredibly reasonable prices ( $15 or less for an entree)

        1. Red Cat (new/modern American) or Crispo (Italian)

          1. Goblin Market

            Awesome food, great decor, and very chill. Here's a review:

            1. Beacon 25 West 56th Street. American, with a wood-fired oven. Laid-back ambiance. You can sit down near the open line where the oven is, if you want to and request it. I like to watch the chef at work. Food is extremely good. A fab starter is the Essence of Lobster Soup.. no cream, just lobster!

              1. Maremma
                The Little Owl

                2 places I've been to recently and loved.