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Apr 2, 2007 02:34 PM

Review - The Counter

Haven't seen any recent reviews on this place lately (aside from brief blurbs in burger threads), so I thought I'd add mine -

Went on Saturday a few minutes after 6pm. There were roughly 12 people waiting - not horrible. Thankfully you can have some beers or wine while you're standing around waiting. My friend and I managed to snag a couple seats at the counter/bar after maybe 10 minutes of waiting. The place seemed to get very very crowded as it got closer to 7pm. We had some beers and watched UCLA lose on the nice flat screen TV. Ordered fries - they came out and were satisfactory/average. Someone next to me got onion rings that looked really good - next time I'm either ordering these or I'm trying the chili cheese fries.

Burger of the month was ahi tuna. We decided to make our own. My friend liked his burger - something with jalapeƱos and the grilled onion marmalade I think... don't remember the details. I also liked my burger - 1/3 beef (which turned out to be plenty for me, even though I had been eyeing the 1/2 lb. and 2/3 lb.) on a honey wheat bun (more wheat than honey fyi) with Tillamook cheddar, bacon, and mixed greens. It was tasty. And I will definitely go back. Service was pleasant and quick.

But overall it was not really special - I don't think it was deserving of it's GQ magazine "burger you must eat before you die" ranking or whatever they wrote... I just feel like I've had better burgers and fries before, namely the Burger Bar at Mandalay in Vegas and at Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica, albeit for $14. Hell, I could cook a burger myself that would be just as good as the one I had at The Counter.

Bottom line - very good but overhyped. Not worth waiting more than 20 minutes to eat here.

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  1. I completely agree. I find the meat to be sorely lacking in flavor and very reliant on toppings to alleviate the blandness. A good burger shouldn't need any toppings to taste good, The Counter's falls short.

    Thanks for the tip about Rustic Canyon's burger, I'll give it a try when I'm next there.

    1. I'm pretty much of the same opinion... although I will say their Apple Pie shake is to die for.. YUM! :D


      1. Totally agree with you. It's good, but too much of a drive for me to consider it a must go out of my way for. My friend took me b/c he saw it in some magazine as a top 10 place in the country to get a hamburger.

        1. I worked over in the big office park across Ocean Park from the Counter when it first opened up and thankfully wasn't nearly as crowded as it is these days. It sounds like it hasn't changed at all. The only thing other than what you mentioned that I noticed there is an apparent complete disregard for how the customer asks for burgers to be cooked. I went with a couple of friends, I asked for mine rare, another person asked for medium rare, and another asked for well done. Both of the rare/medium rare burgers came out burnt to a crisp while the well done one was still bloody. We sent 'em back and had ones that were a bit closer to what we asked for, but I left there wondering why they bother asking.

          I haven't gone back for some time, but I have noticed they've single-handedly made it as hard as can be to find parking in that area.

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          1. re: Swervo

            Yes - you've reminded me that my friend said he wanted his burger medium (how they cook it anyway if you don't specify), and I ordered mine well. Both came out well. He didn't mind though, so we didn't send his back or anything.

          2. I also agree that the Couter's burger is lacking in flavor, which is sad to me because I like the idea of choosing from all the toppings and they have been good about cooking my burger rare.

            We tried the burger at Rustic Canyon and found it to be quite bad, so I'm hoping that you've been there more recently than we have and it's changed. As it was, ALL we could taste was the Point Reyes blue topping the burger. I love Point Reyes, and I enjoy blue cheese on burgers (Father's Office), but we ordered a burger because we wanted to taste the meat. No chance of that with the burger at Rustic Canyon. I also remember our burger being overcooked... Maybe it's time to try it again and ask them to hold the cheese or at least use a light hand?

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            1. re: mollyomormon

              It must have been the cheese at Rustic Canyon. When I had their burger, I ordered it without the cheese. I could really taste the beef and it was fantastic. Maybe you can give it a second shot with the cheese on the side...