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Apr 2, 2007 02:30 PM

what was the last great thing you made?

WHat meal have you made recently that was truly sublime?

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  1. poochie, my famous home-made pie consisting of a store bought crust and lemon jello pudding topped with Cool Whip. hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Don't know if you've been following another thread on homemade cooking.

    Sublime: a butternut squash & fresh shitake mushroom soup for lunch at the office. We have a small kitchen with a two burner electric. A friend and I got the soup prepped and going in 10 minutes: cut up and sauteed leek and mushroom (both farm fresh and grown by my buddy), added broth and cut up potatoes and squash. Blitzed with a handheld and added cream at the end. Served with sprinkle of chili flakes and fresh ground black pepper on top of each bowl. Fun because the 10 minutes were a flurry of peeling, chopping, sauteeing, and tossing things together. Served with bread. It all came together--super, but super simple, but good. Farm fresh makes a difference.

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      oh my god-just reading this is sublime. and yes-i saw that too....

    2. Steak on the grill. First outside meal in the warm weather this year. First time I've had steak in over a year. NY Strip with sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and garlic. Served with corn on the cob and veggie kabobs, also grilled.

      1. Fried baby artichokes with only salt and lemon....

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          Sweet and Sour Beef Brisket for passover, mashed potatoes and green beans-fantastic.

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            Where did u get this recipe????

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              I would love that recipe. Thanks.

          2. Garbanzo beans stirfried with onions and mushrooms, then doused in tomato sauce. Cooked until crispy.

            Side of roasted eggplant topped with roasted pepper, kalamata olive, and onion mixture.

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              Great question! I recently made Ina Garden's Mushroom Lasagna... what put it over the top is that SO made fresh Lasagna noodles... it was EXCELLENT...



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                Mine was also mushroom lasagna, but I used Marcella's recipe (and also used fresh lasagna noodles, but I bought them). Amazing.

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                  In what book? I still have to try her Green Lasagna recipe that I have in my copy of Marcellas Kitchen. :)


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                    It's from Essentials, it's Mushroom and Ham lasagna, but I eliminated the ham. It was fantastic!

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                      Thanks! I'll have to give it a shot! :)


            2. fresh gummy shark fillets (caught an hour before by Mr pg). quickly douse fillets in seasoned flour (salt, pepper and finely minced fresh lime zest)and quickly fry in hothothot oil. Served with caper mayo and tomato and basil salad (both still slightly warm from the vine of my neighbour)

              So not really "made".. more "threw all the stuff together" but simply deevine on a warm summer evening.

              (oh, the mayo.. I made the mayo)

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                great idea-lime in the flour! sounds fabulous!