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Apr 2, 2007 02:25 PM

Help with Dinner In The Village?

I've narrowed my Village dinner choices to the following - What would the best bet - food/atmosphere/quality for price? La Lanterna Caffe, Piccolo Angolo, Cuba, Palma

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  1. I've only been to Piccolo Angolo and Palma. I liked PA, found Palma mediocre.

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      1. re: Lucia

        I too have been to only PA and Palma of your options. I however, love Palma - I think it offers one of the best quality for price options.

        Picoolo Angolo IMO falls in the mediocre category - ambiance is definitely not the reason to go. Cheap eats and cheap drinks is the reason to go to PA.

      2. I LOVE Cuba! The food is wonderful, and they have a band sometimes, which I find nice. I would go with this one, personally.

        1. Haven't been to Cuba or La Lanterna Caffe. Let us know if you go to Cuba and like it. I have yet to find a truly good Cuban restaurant in the Village. Regarding Piccolo Angolo, I think the food is below average and it is a bit frenetic. I would try Freddy's place on 8th between horatio and jane. similar menu, MUCH better food and terrific ambience.

          1. Hi Emily, I've been to Cuba and La Lanterna, though my last visit to Cuba was more than a year ago, so things might've changed since then. The food and 'tails at Cuba are only okay, to my taste. The music blaring from speakers in the basement was so loud when I last ate there that my SO and I couldn't hear each other talk, even when we screamed at each other. Ugh. It's not somewhere I'd return.

            La Lanterna has some fantastic--really and truly fantastic--dessert offerings, a wonderful selection of wine by the glass, and a dark, romantic atm., esp. if you get a seat by the fireplace downstairs, but I haven't been overly fond of the light appetizers I've tried from their non-dessert menu. (The ingredients for caprese salad were not good at all--really key for such a simple dish.) By repute, their pizzas are good; I haven't tried them.

            I'd eat somewhere else and then go to La Lanterna for dessert. Ask the wait staff what's fresh and then cross your fingers for the profiteroles.

            If you like Italian, there are some pretty good options in the area, none of which is much more expensive than Cuba, I think. Look up Po, Lupa, and Bellavitae. I've actually never been to Bellavitae, but Chowhounds whom I trust to know recommend.

            If it doesn't have to be Italian, well-priced, good restaurants in the area include Moustache (Middle Eastern), Snack or Snack Taverna (two outposts of the same Greek restaurant), and 'Ino or Inoteca (two different outposts of an Italian wine and sandwiches bar).

            If you throw out your criteria, maybe folks on the board can make a few other recs.

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            1. re: cimui

              A second vote for La Lanterna. Plus the live jazz at the downstairs bar is one of the best jazz deals i've seen int he city.

              "Ino is also great, but there may (or most likely, there will) be a wait depending on when you go and how many are in your party.

            2. Thanks to all of you! I can't wait! I'll be there tomorrow evening. I'll let my daughter peruse the menus and make the final decision!