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Apr 2, 2007 01:52 PM

NYC CHer finds favorite Red Velvet Cupcakes are in San Leandro, CA.

I can't believe I traveled from coast to coast only to discover the best Red Velvet Cupcakes are in San Leandro, CA! I've eaten many cupcakes in NYC, but most were too dry and frosting too sweet. Well, I visited the Sweet Potato Pie Company in San Leandro with my sister and absolutely love their red velvet cupcakes. First of all, the are huge! The cake is super moist and the cream cheese frosting is delicious, not too sweet. The owners, Marita Brown and her husband, were there at the bakery, too, serving customers.

Just thought I would share this with all you Bay Area CHers.

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  1. I totally agree with you. IMO, they are the best in the Bay Area for red velvet cake. They also sell at the Friday Old Oakland Farmers Market

    Did you try anything else there?

    Marita's Sweet Potato Pie Co.

    600 Dutton Avenue ( at Bancroft
    )San Leandro, California 94577
    (510) 562-3844

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      Unfortunately, I didn't try anything else. One thing's for sure, Marita's Sweet Potato Pie Co. is going to be my first stop the next time I am in San Leandro visiting my sister!

      1. re: rworange

        would you happen to know how close this place is from the BART? =)

      2. Does anyone know if they are related to Charlie Frank's Pies? They sell at the Saturday Oakland Farmer's Market (and probably other ones too). They are also located in San Leandro, and specialize in Sweet Potato Pies and Red Velvet cake. Coincidence?

        I have tried Charlie Frank's sweet potato pies, and I love them. Have not tried anything else.

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        1. re: chompy

          Uhh ... I THINK they are the same. IIRC, Charlie Frank makes the pies and Marita's does the red velvet stuff. Thanks for the heads-up about the Saturday market at Grand Lake.

          1. re: rworange

            They're selling their wares at the Sunday Montclair Village market too.

          2. re: chompy

            Do they have the red velvet cupcakes at the Saturday Grand Avenue farmers market???or at Montclair on

            1. re: lmarie

              As far as I can tell, they have the red velvet cupcakes at the Grand Lake market every week.

              1. re: lmarie

                Yeah - they had both the red velvet cupcakes and slices of red velvet cake available (along with other assorted goodies - sweet potato pie, peach cobbler, and a couple of other varieties).

            2. okay... i'm assuming that since it's a bakery, they have their own recipes and they make it fresh and not with those sucky mixes... just have to confirm... 'cause if i'm gonna make the trek, i want to know it's worth it =)

              but THANKS =) i'm tentatively excited =)

              1. In no way am I a 'red velvet cake' expert, but when I tried these, I couldn't stomach more than 3 bites. I bought two (because of the rave reviews I read about these cupcakes) and had to throw out both cupcakes. Cake was very dry and dense. The cream cheese frosting lacked any sort of distinct flavor. I also got a slice of the coconut cake and also threw that out after a couple of bites. My husband was not impressed with either product.

                But if you must try these, I would suggest you buy just one and try it first before splurging needlessly...

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                1. re: Foodrat

                  Hmmm...maybe they're selling some cake that's past its prime?

                  I have gotten their sweet potato pie several times and found it delicious.

                2. The original comment has been removed