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Apr 2, 2007 01:35 PM

what's that C-town dim sum place with the long escalator??

I have out-of-towners coming on Friday and they would love a classic dim-sum place. I know they'd like that one where you go up an incredibly long escalator into a vast hall. I'm sure some chow-hounder will know which one I'm talking about.


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    1. Golden Unicorn, right?

      1. Jing Fong (Elizabeth st.) has a long escalator. Golden Unicorn (East Broadway) has an elevator. Both are excellent for dim sum. They are my 2 favorites and I could not choose one over the other.

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        1. re: MRich

          I've never been to Jing Fong, but Golden Unicorn is average at best.

          1. re: Peter Cuce


            Tell me what places you like better than Golden Unicorn. I haven't been in a little while and I'm open to new places, but GU has been excellent for a long time.

            1. re: MRich

              I'm not Peter, but first of all, Chinatown Brasserie, but that's much more expensive. Secondly, Oriental Garden. And then the other point would be that there are various places in Flushing that are better. And I agree with Peter's evaluation of Golden Unicorn and would extend it to the other big eating halls in Manhattan's Chinatown - at least based on my prior experiences, which admittedly go back a while. That doesn't mean the experience can't be fun, but they aren't great, in my experience and to my taste.

              1. re: MRich

                I honestly haven't found any dim sum that I like in Manhattan Chinatown. I'll give Oriental Garden a try. Golden Bridge is passable, but that's about it. I used to like Sweet N Tart, but that's gone now. Back in the golden age before 9/11, Tai Hong Lau used to have very good dim sum, but they went way downhill.

                1. re: Peter Cuce

                  Pete's not that good in chinatown :-P but he is right for the most part. Flushing and Brooklyn's chinatown has better dim sum now a days. There are a couple of decent one's in Manhattan. There is one off of Canal Street by Centre street I think can't remember the name of it has two levels but still pretty small that is alright. And the best place to get roast pork buns has good dim sum. A little greasy and not a lot of choices but what they make is good on right on bowery and east broadway. Don't remember the name of it but it is a small hole in the wall where you will need to fight with the little old chinese people to get a seat.

                  1. re: hcf_10011

                    Ping's on Mott Street is good. Haven't been their for a while but was good last time I went about a year ago.

                    1. re: ammel_99

                      I used to be a big fan of the Ping's in Elmhurst but had never been to the Manhattan one until a couple of weeks ago. I was pretty disappointed. The Ping's chef in Queens, before the renovation, at least, used to be creative and turn out mostly above-average standards along with things I've never seen before, but the stuff at the Manhattan location was pallid. The only thing that stood out was the pepper beef ribs.

                  2. re: Peter Cuce

                    I was just at Golden Bridge this Sunday. Thought it was eh. Does it matter where you sit? We were pushed into the back room and felt like we didn't see enough variety. Many items were lukewarm to cool. No turnip cakes, taro dumplings, har gow (!!!) and we had to special-request char siu bao.

                    We had been aiming for 88 Palace, which as it turns out, was closed for Easter. Would it have been any better, to those who have been recently? Used to quite like A&B Lobster House, but that closed a while ago. Jing Fong I used to think was only OK, not as good as Gum Fung in Flushing, but I've seen recent posts that claim Jing Fong has stepped up.

                    I can't believe I have never even heard of (or should I say, noticed) Oriental Garden, and yet it's been mentioned so much on this thread...

                    1. re: NancyC

                      If anything, 88 Palace is even worse, although I don't have a recent visit under my belt. Same here w/ Oriental Garden.

                  3. re: MRich

                    Jing Fong will not leave you disappointed. Excellent value for such a big place.

              2. Golden Bridge has a long escalator and I like their dim sum. It is a classic, huge with lots of carts coming around. Enjoy.

                1. Lots of dim sum places have escalators. Triple 8, Golden Bridge. I think Jing Fong has the longest escalator, and I bet that's where you went. I've never been there (though I often eat next door) but I found a photo of it online