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Apr 2, 2007 01:32 PM

Need Recs for Bellevue & Omaha

Hello !

Will be in town for a 5 day buss trip and need inexpensive places for lunch - in Bellevue and for dinner- in Omaha (Dodge & 70 Street) . Thanks.

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  1. In the 70th and Dodge area there are a couple places you can get out for around $8-$12 pp with really good food:

    Vietnamese Asian Restaurant
    7212 Jones St
    (serving Vietnamese and Thai. Lotta choices, great prices. Located in a little strip mall just north of Neb. Furniture Mart.)

    El Basha
    8029 W Dodge Rd
    (Mediterranean: gyros, shawarmas, falafel, salads and hummus. Another strip mall, south side of Dodge)

    If you're up early for breakfast there's a good greasy diner at:
    Cecil's Cafe
    4971 Dodge St

    If you take a little step-up in price, I'd recommend:
    Dario's Brasserie
    4920 Underwood Ave
    (Very simple, but solid fare...leaning towards Belgian and French. Stews, shepherd's pie, roasted meats. And a big, big focus on quality beers...)

    And than a final step up:
    Marks Bistro
    4916 Underwood Ave
    (Always a nice variety on the menu. Interesting wine selection for around here.)

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      Any suggestions for chinese takeout and mexican close to Dodge & 70th ? Thanks

      1. re: mafalda11

        i can't really recommend any Chinese restaurants since i've yet to find one in town which impresses me - - i find just about every Chinese place to be virtually indistinguishable from any others.
        but it's possible you may find something you'd like on the menu of the Vietnamese Asian restaurant mentioned in my earlier post...their focus is mainly on Vietnamese and Thai, though.

        as for Mexican, all of the good Mexican restaurants are all in Southeast Omaha, so there's not a whole lot out in the area you are looking at.
        there is only 'authentic' Mexican place out that way is:

        La Hacinda
        (402) 397-4778
        7211 Farnam St
        (decor is rather drab. i've only eaten there a couple times and it's pretty good. not the greatest, but definitely the only 'authentic' Mexican in the area.)

        you can view their menu, and many others here:

        that said - if you are willing to venture out 5-6 miles i can highly reccomend:
        Rivera's Mexican Food
        (402) 932-1381
        12047 Blondo St
        (very, very good food. if you like it hot ask for their HOT hot salsa - a very tasty thick and smooth salsa made from chile arbol. by far the best Mexican restaurant West of 24th street.)

        1. re: sladeums

          Thanks again sladeums ! Will pass info on to hubby who's there now.

          1. re: sladeums

            The only Chinese place I'd go out of my way for is Back To Guanzhao (, which serves dim sum and all sorts of great Chinese dishes. It's out in the sticks though -- 90th and Giles or something like that. It'll be a drive.

            That said, O Casual Dining on Dodge near El Basha has pretty good Asian fusion. That's probably the best you'll do in that area. There's also Sakura Bana, a sushi place, at 80th and Dodge.

              1. re: mafalda11

                if you're going to try out Sakura Bana i'd call ahead first to make sure they are open.

                the original post did not mention what timeframe you were looking at, but they are relocating from mid-May to June 1st and will be closed during that time.

                Sakura Bana
                8035 W. Dodge Rd
                Phone: (402) 391-5047

      2. in the Bellevue area:

        Stella's Hamburgers
        106 Galvin Rd S
        (No atmosphere, just great burgers. Everything is served on and with disposable utensils and you'll smell like grease all day long. Good stuff.)

        Amarillo BBQ
        303 Fort Crook Rd N
        (Usually very good BBQ. Love the charro-style beans, sausage and featherbones.)

        La Mesa
        (used to be on Fort Crook Rd. They just redently moved a couple miles south. Unsure of exact address, call ahead. Very good specialties. Try the Chili Colorado, Chili Verde, or Chilaquiles.


        Joe Tess' Place
        5424 S 24th St
        (Fried fish. Carp. The owners also own a hatchery. The fish you order now was swimming this morning. I always order a Double Rib Sandwich with Jacket Fries, extra pickles and hot sauce. Mmmmmmm good!


        Lansky's Pizza Pasta Philly
        (Go for one of the Phillies, French Dips, or Meatball Sandwiches. Pizza and pasta are decent as well.)

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        1. re: sladeums

          Thanks Sladeums ! will take your recs into consideration.

          1. re: mafalda11

            I grew up in Bellevue and have been to Stella's many many times. It's truly a dive but has good burgers.