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Swedish Bakery - Easter

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I was hoping to get some wonderful breakfast pastries at Swanson's Swedish Bakery in South Weymouth, but I called and the phone is disconnected. Have they gone away, and if so, is there another place in the metro-west area that might have some exceptional cardamon braids or such? Thanks in advance

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  1. I haven't been to Distinctively Sweden, in Plainville, but they have baked goods from the Crown Bakery in Worcester, which I've grown up on. Here's their URL - it seems like a great little shop:
    http://www.distinctivelysweden.com/Ab.... Let us know if you go & if it's good!

    1. This begs me to ask, does anyone know of any Swedish Bakeries in Boston, Cambridge or Somerville???

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        Well, I've lived in downtown Boston, Cambridge & Somerville for a decade without stumbling across one. I get my pastry fix at the annual Christmas fair at the cyclorama that SWEA puts on, and I tell myself I'm going to learn to bake one day. There's a place in Jamaica Plain called Sweet Finnish that seems like it might have Swedish stuff - it's on Centre St., right at the monument -- they have a website, too. www.sweetfinnish.com. It's a 10 minute walk from the Green St. stop on the Orange line, and there are buses that go down Centre St. (if you have a few hours to spare!).

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          Sadly, Sweet Finnish has closed :(

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          Ohlin's in Belmont (Cushing Square) is a Swedish bakery that has Limpa bread and Scandinavian desserts, among other great stuff.

        3. I would try the Danish Pastry House in Watertown or Medford. Don't let the name deter you - they don't sell what we call danish in coffee shops. The pastry is divne and they will be seriously mobbed on the day before Easter so I would call them first- they have a website.

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            The Danish Pastry House is my absolute favorite, and I agree it should be bedlam especially in the small quarters in Watertown. They don't seem to do much with cardamom, which is specifically what I am looking for. Might resort to making it myself from an epicurious recipe that sounds right.
            Thanks for the suggestions.

          2. Farther than Cambridge/Somerville but closer than Worcester (based in Reading)


            I don't know if they make what you're looking for, but the reviews I've seen are good...

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              This thread's superannuated (though I'm swooning to see it), but I suspect said suburbanite seeks Swedish, not Swiss - Semlor, not Stohrli.