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Apr 2, 2007 01:17 PM

Red Velvet Wedding Cake

I'm helping a friend out in her search for a fantastic red velvet wedding cake. She hasn't been happy with her recent cake tastings. The wedding is in south Orange County, so we're looking for a place either in OC or near OC to help cut down on the delivery cost. I've seen some great bakery recommendations on the board but mostly for LA and the valley. Please help with any suggestions. TIA!

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  1. Village Bakery in Costa Mesa might be able to do it. They mostly distribute bread to many So Cal restaurants, but they also do wedding cakes. And, I saw red velvet on the list. It's really inexpensive too.

    There's also Fantasy Frosting in Whittier. But, she's hardlly ever available.

    1. Probably too far, but Susina has very good red velvet cake and they specialize in weddings. Not sure if they do a red velvet wedding cake, but worth the trip just to try their goodies. Call ahead, as I don't think they serve the red velvet in the store.

      1. Try "Let them eat cake". The are located in Costa Mesa so that fits your OC parameters. I first heard of them in one of those Food Network cake challenges and the owner is one talented baker. I checked their website and they do have red velvet cake (yay!).

        Their pricing starts at $6.00 a slice -- maybe your friend can schedule a tasting and see if it's to her liking.

        Here's their website:

        I hope this helps and report back if they're worth that Food Network gold medal :)

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          LTEC is our go to best cake on the Planet place.
          If it's important and we need the best , there is no other choice.
          Same Web site as above. Basic Cakes are around 60- and go to 15,000- +.

        2. (Jongewaard's) Bake & Broil in Long Beach has great red velvet cake ... call to see if they'll do it for a wedding.

          3697 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach

          1. BBB, you're in luck. We just got married in San Clemente and spent months looking for the best red velvet cake. We tried 2-3 places that didn't work out, but then found 'It's All About the Cake' in Dana Point. Prices were $5.50/slice I believe and cheap delivery fee. It was the only cake that had the right ratio of frosting to cake and not too sweet. Our wedding guests raved about it. Highly recommend them.