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Apr 2, 2007 01:10 PM

Brit looking for a headstart in NY

Myself and the soon to be wife will be honeymooning in the U.S in September this year and are looking for a bit of advice on good food in NY. We hopefully will already of eaten at French Laundry in California before we get to NY and don’t really want to overdo the Michelin star scene (give the wallet a rest). We are staying at the Kitano in Manhattan but are willing to travel (not too far!) for breakfast, lunch or dinner and want to soak up the cheaper side of the food scene in NY.

Our favourite foods are primarily Indian & Italian and we are looking for insider tips on venues to indulge in some hearty US breakfasts.

Don’t let us down America, we are counting on you.


Hungry Englishman

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  1. For Indian...check out "Tamarind" on 22nd Street! Beautiful digs and fabulous food!

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      Cheers L, I will give it a go. Does anyone know if Gordon Ramsays restaurant is up and running yet??

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          Give Gordon's a miss...

          Also, May Rose at 21st and Broadway. Deli/diner type spot. Hey, they might even deliver! Not that's New York! :-)

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          I haven't been to Tamarind, but I think many on this board would recommend Devi -- it has a cozy, romantic space, good service, and the most amazing lamb chops. I've been a few times -- the menu is far more inventive than typical Indian, with dishes you won't see elsewhere. The tasting menu is a good representation of the strongest dishes and is fairly reasonable -- not cheap, but in the same range as Tamarind I believe.

        3. Call (or use well in advance for a great brunch at Norma's, a midtown hotel restaurant. Great brunch too at Jane.

          For pizza, try Arturo's in the Village or Lombardi's in Little Italy.

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            Ditto Norma's...great place! I love Grimaldi's Pizza in Brooklyn...great view of Manhattan!

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                Sorry guys! The best pizza for me is Una Pizza Napolitana on East 12th.

          2. Hi, plj. I also love Indian food, but I'd be skeptical about recommending for a Brit to eat Indian food in the U.S., because I'd figure that's a type of food Britain excels in to a much greater degree than New York does.

            Italian may be a better bet for you. The best Italian meal I've had in the last few months was actually in Brooklyn at Al Di La, but you'll get plenty of other recommendations.

            In terms of hearty breakfasts, you have a lot to choose from there, too. I'm not sure where Kitano is, but my local Polish restaurant, Teresa's, on 1st Av. between 6th and 7th Sts., has a diner-like ambiance and serves brunch every day (though with some extra items on weekends). You can get good pancakes, for example. If you'd like something a little different, another restaurant in my neighborhood that has delicious breakfast/brunch every day (though, again, with extra items on weekends) is Cafe Mogador on St. Marks Place between 1st Av. and Av. A, which serves a mix of Moroccan, French, Middle Eastern, and American food. But there are loads of other possibilities, and maybe what you'd like most is a good diner, in which case, there was a thread or two about the best diners recently. Check the "Best" board as well as the Manhattan board.

            1. NYC is a brunch town, which is somehow very different than the Hearty US Breakfast. California is one of the best states in the country for H.U.S.B.s, so try to partake while there, but there are a few good representatives to be had in NYC.

              Barney Greengrass, on the upper west side, has tremendous fish-based breakfasts, in classic New York style. The salmon and eggs scramble, with a toasted bialy and a cup of coffee, is my favorite breakfast in Manhattan.

              Egg, in Williamsburg (just one stop out of Manhattan), has very good Southern-style breakfasts, and is (in my Southern opinion) the best place in the city to breakfast. Cheese grits, perfectly scrambled eggs, Virginia country ham, and very good biscuits, all prepared with a very careful attention to detail. Worth the trek, even that early in the morning (OK, I might grab a cup of coffee first).

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                Clinton Street Baking Company on the Lower East Side has amazing breakfast/brunch and the food is classic American. Try the blueberry pancakes and go during the week if you can -- they don;t take reservations and the wait is a killer on weekends.

              2. I don't recall how well represented south Indian food is in Britain, but Tiffin Walla sounds great, very close to the Kitano:

                Agree with Mogador for brunch.

                I know you didn't mention Japanese, but I note that you have chosen a Japanese hotel (and quite a nice one!) Many places in the East Village offer excellent value when compared to Japanese restaurants elsewhere in the world. You might want to give them a try. Soba-ya and Soba Koh for soba noodles, Minca and Rai Rai Ken for ramen, Chiyono for homestyle Japanese food, Decibel for underground sake and snacks, Angel's Share for impeccable cocktails and snacks, Shabu-tatsu for shabu-shabu, several yakitori joints on St Mark's Place (although my favorite is Yakitori Totto on W. 55th and 8th Ave). Note I didn't mention sushi, there are many CH threads on this subject if you are looking for that.

                Crispo (14th St betw 6th and 7th) for reasonably priced Italian food. Get the bone marrow appetizer--giant bones, really get your fill of the luscious stuff.