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Apr 2, 2007 12:58 PM

Butcher in San Diego

I used to go to Tip Top Meats when I lived in North County, but I just moved downtown and need a good local butcher. Any recommendations? Thanx!!

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  1. Some options:

    Siesel's (Ashton)
    Iowa Meat (Mission Gorge Rd)
    Bristol Frams Market (UTC)
    Jonathan's (La Jolla)
    Major Market (Escondido)
    Bisher's Meat (Poway)
    WholeFoods (La Jolla, there is also one in Hillcrest but I never bought meat at that location)

    It also depends what kind of cuts/quality you want.
    Jimbos is pretty good for organic beside Wholefoods
    There are several places for Mexican cuts
    North Park Produce (Poway) for Middle East/Mediterrean meat

    1. I live in Poway, so I go to Bisher's and I always get good service, advice, and meat (yummy sausages!). I also like Iowa Meats (we got the best apple cinnamon pork kabobs there) for their meat AND various canned/jarred/boxed items. It's a fun shopping experience. They're also closer to you, if you're downtown now.

      Before I found Bisher's, I'd get ribeyes from Costco or the Carmel Mtn Ralphs and they cooked up juicy and flavorful. Just in case you wanted an alternative to a local butcher.

      A friend of ours has gotten all buddy-buddy with Mike's Choice Meats in Oceanside (again, quite a drive for you) and I have to say his all-beef dogs can't be beat.

      I feel like the Whole Foods in La Jolla is bigger and better stocked than the Hillcrest one, but that may just be my opinion. Good food, though, and nice seafood.

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        I wasn't at Bisher's for a long time. Do they have pork belly ? I want to braise some but wasn't too thrilled by the quality at Lucky Seafood and it is hard to find pork belly outside of asian supermarkets.

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          I don't think I've ever looked for pork belly, so I wouldn't know if they always have it. You could call and ask.

          I have seen pork belly at Mitsuwa, though. Haven't looked at 99 Ranch or Zion.

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          Thanks for the tip about Mikes...I've been meaning to go and now I must. I'm hoping to find a great sausage,too

        3. Ranch 99 and Lucky Seafood also have good meat sections