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Apr 2, 2007 12:28 PM

Kyma in Annapolis

Anyone ever been to Kyma in Annapolis yet? Is it good?

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  1. I haven't been (so this is entirely second hand, so a grain of salt and all that) but my boss went and raved about the food, but said that the prices were higher than justified and the service wasn't really spot on either. But that was shortly after they opened, so the service issues may have been worked out since.

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      Haven't heard about this place - where in Annapolis and what's the cuisine?

      1. re: cbauer

        It's Greek and I believe they're located on West Street.

    2. Went several months ago with a group of six and we had a consensus: great spot, nice old building (they can completely open the front of the restaurant to the street in nice weather) and good selection of tapas, but none that we'd really want to go back for. We ordered a lot of items because you don't get that much, and had a good meal that was moderately priced. But none of us were full, and none of us have talked about going back. They also charged for bread which I am not a fan. And even for free I'd say the bread was mediocre.

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        I actually prefer La Tasca for tapas. La Tasca is located in the Inner Harbor, has a nice atmosphere, and great sangrias!!

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          The charging for bread was something my boss complained's a shame that it's not great because every time I've walked by in nice weather I've wanted to stop. It seems like it would be wonderful to sit and have a glass of wine and some tasty tapas with the fresh air coming in those giant open doors.

        2. We were a bit disappointed in this place last summer. We really wanted to like it. loved the European feel of the open front. It wasn't bad, just didn't really excite us like I thought it would.