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Apr 2, 2007 12:08 PM

Steaks, cheap and good

As part of my catholic-recovery-therapy every good friday I make sure I have steak (it's usually not too hard to get reservations). Being new to the area, however, I'm not sure where to go. I'd love to find a nice reasonably priced steak that isn't from a traditional steak joint.


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  1. Someone else just asked a similar question a few days ago:

    For a list of the steakhouses:

    1. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view) you usually get what you pay for when you're talking about steak. However, one idea for a reasonably priced place that doesn't get a lot of play around here is Select Cut at Diversey and Halsted. Certainly not the best steaks in the city, but still pretty good and at a lower price than many of the usual suspects.

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        One of the other things you can do is to look for bargains and specials of various sorts. Most places are significantly cheaper at lunchtime, if that works for you.

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          Jesteinf - can you tell me a bit more about Select Cut? I just moved right by there but haven't made it there yet. I heard they have a great burger too. What's the atmosphere like?

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            Well, there isn't really much atmosphere to speak of (it's kind of faux-fancy, but you can easily show up in jeans, shorts, whatever). There are a number of different cuts of meat on the menu, but one of the fun features is that you can "add ounces", taking 12 oz. steak up to a 14 if the mood strikes you. It's definitely not a destination restaurant but nice to have in the area for what it is.

            I've never had the burger.

        2. Check out Tango Sur. This place rocks, it's dark with candles, busy, it imports its beef from Argentina, and it's BYOB. Bring a cheap Malbec, or whatever, get a nice cut to share with the table and the empanadas, Dios Mio! Ask for Jimay! They don't take reso's over the weekend and it's usually an hour wait on the weekends.

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            Tango Sur serves American Steak not Argentinian. Do not try an Argentinian steak because you will be instantly addicted! The Argentinian Steak (baby bife as they call it) is inbelievable!...much juicier, more tender, more flavorful than the American variety.

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              Aren't they using canadian grass fed beef, not american? Definitely not argentinean beef, though, as you said.

              1. re: gleam

                Yes, it's possible that they serve Canadian rather than American.

          2. Less expensive Steak:
            Wildfire is very good and is generally considered to have more reasonable prices.

            Here are a couple other choices for reasonably priced steak;

            Jake Melnick's for great skirt steak.

            Las Tablas on Lincoln Avenue south of Belmont for Columbian Style Churrascarria New York Strip...mmm, tasty!

            Athenian Room at Halsted and Webster for Grecian Style Skirt Steak with lots of lemon, vinegar, oregano, and garlic.

            Raw Bar in Wrigleyville for Persian and Egyptian style steak for reasonable prices. Lot's of great appetizers and entree's here.

            Noon-O-Kabob on Kedzie for great Persian Style Steak.
            Al Kayaam for Lebanese Style Steak.

            O'Donnavon's Bar and Grill on Irving Park Road for $10 New York Strip, sauteed mushrooms, and a baked potato...can't beat the price. Very good quality steak.

            El Asadero for fantastic Steak tacos and burritos. The best quality steak tacos in the city.

            1. I'm with the Tango Sur supporters - it's excellent beef (both North American and Argentine), BYOB, good service...the only possible negative is parking - it's a B**** in that 'hood; the lot in the school across the street was closed during my last visit.