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New Lindt Warehouse Outlet Store!!

I went to the Lindt Outlet Store on Saturday. What a find!! Lots of bargains to be found. Lots of Easter stock as well..prices are discounted a great deal..Wonderful for those who enjoy Lindt. Noticed baking chocolate as well, huge bags!!

West of Hwy 410, north of Derry Road

7090 Kennedy Road, Mississauga, Ontario, L5S0A3
[905] 696.8143

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  1. Thanks!!! Just what we need, more chocolate, and cheaper too!! Actually I"ve been thinking of going there but I didn't know if it was worth the trip. Maybe in time for Easter.

    1. I've seen this while roaring up&down Kennedy and simply haven't had time to pullover and snoop around. But with Easter coming and business in the area tomorrow, I'll join the Easter bunnies for some bargains. Thanks!

      1. I visited a Lindt's outlet while passing time driving outside of Washington DC (sitting out rush hour traffic) and was surprised over the selection and bargains. Bought more than we thought, but it was great deals and last if stored well.

        1. OH goodness, it seems there's more than 1! Here I thought I found something that's one of a kind in Canada .. but of course, theres always an outlet in Mississauga first. I found one more Lindt outlet store, t'is on Markham road, just south of Finch in Scarborough... you know of all the deals already, .. so GO! :) Good, we have one on the west and east end of the city! They have those Hallowe'en mini pumpkins selling in a bag for $2 something. And when I looked at the receipt, they were supposed to be selling them for $8 something ........... tho I figure $8 is highly overpriced, it was still nice to find them at $2. And Lindt ... mmmmm ......................................

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            Did you happen to note the expiry dates?

            1. re: Helen

              As far as I know, they're delicious... we just finished a bag of mini chocolate pumpkins. And chocolates dont go bad even within 1 year. I didnt but I'll keep a look out.

              or was your comment supposed to be rhetorical, rather than a question?

                1. re: Helen

                  Yes, I see what you mean now .. I just went to the Mississauga location today (I work near there.. yes, I live in Scarb and work in Mississauga, it's a nightmare driving back and forth.. but anyways.. ) and for the limited edition chocolates, the expiry date is very close! I figure chocolates dont taste bad tho, when the expiry date pass.. The date on the choccy was Dec. 31, 2007.

              1. re: Helen

                I went to one in August at the Niagara Falls Outlet Mall..be sure to ask the expiry date...there are some great deals...but some of expiry dates (if you are thinking of giving as gifts) are not long...however it is absolutely fine if you want to indulge right away :-)

              2. re: jennjen18

                Is there an address for the Markham Rd. location?

                1. re: Mike from Hamilton

                  Markham and Finch in the SW corner. I haven't been there but know about it because of the large signage, I don't think you could miss it.

                  1. re: Mike from Hamilton

                    2250 Markham Rd., Scarborough ON, M1B2W4
                    I dont have a phone number though..

                2. The Lindt store in Eaton's Centre usually has some great deals too.

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                    I think you mean Laura Secord. There's no Lindt store in Eaton's...

                    1. re: jennjen18

                      I think the Lindt store is right beside the Starbucks in the floor where the Men's Dept. is.

                      1. re: hautecocoa

                        oh ... dyou mean inside sears....?? men's dept?

                        1. re: jennjen18

                          sorry, didn't see this earlier. but yes, it's inside sears. i was just there today and got myself a couple of their excellence bars (in chili and earl grey - i'm so excited to try them!) and ghirardelli cocoa. finally, i can bake brownies like ina garten. :)

                  2. I work right beside the Lindt Mississauga outlet.It's been there for over a year.
                    Nice chocolates in a small space.

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                      Checked this place out on a Sat. morning. They had a lot of Halloween chocolates (expiry dates not 'til March 2008) on sale for $1.50/bag of truffles. Picked up some Lindt bars (white chocolate strawberry, dark Cuba chocolate and white chocolate with flecks of reg. chocolate) for $1.50 per bar. And they had peanut butter truffles but expiry date is end of Nov. Overall, worth the drive to Mississauga.

                    2. Check out David Roberts - not too far away
                      426 Watline Ave

                      There are lots of pre packaged bulk type items - including chocolate as well as items that woud be found in gift baskets. The last time I was there the woman waiting in the cash line stated that the Lindt chocolate was cheaper here than at the outlet. Worth checking out.

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                        I just went to David Roberts and here is my report: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/45499...

                        I agree to that of David Roberts and Gift-Pak (another gift basket store) having cheaper chocolates, but the Lindt store has more selection!

                        1. re: jennjen18

                          I went to both the Lindt outlet and David Roberts today and got great bargains at both. David Roberts had a bunch of premade gift baskets on 50% off and both places had gift basket makings for great prices. Worth a trek out to Mississauga since they're so close together.