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Apr 2, 2007 11:22 AM

Fresh English peas?

Has anyone seen fresh English peas in any of the local markets? I need 4 lbs for a recipe and have not been able to find any.


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  1. Riverdog Farms had them at the Berkeley Farmer's market this Saturday.

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    1. Try Farmer's Markets as well. I know the San Mateo Farmer's Market at College of San Mateo on Saturdays has them every spring. They're fresh from the farm and often cheaper than in stores. They're so good sometimes I eat them fresh out of the pod. They're so sweet!

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      1. re: VirgoBlue

        I'm pretty sure I saw them at the Sunday farmers' market in San Rafael.

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          I got lovely snow peas (better than what I find in Chinatown produce shops or Whole Foods, etc.) and saw sugar snap peapods, but no English peas. I wonder if I missed them. Did check out favorite English pea grower, Iacoppi Farms, but they do not yet have peas. Great looking brussels sprouts though.

      2. I also saw them in the produce market in Market Hall today, so they might be around at the better grocery stores/produce stores.

        1. Quantities are limited since the season's just started, so if you want some, get to a farmers market right when it opens.

          1. Don't know if they are the same thing as English peas, but my hunch is they are.... the fresh peas ubiquitous throughout Mexico's mercados in the late Spring / early Summer can be found at Lola's Market in Santa Rosa for $0.99 a pound.

            They also offer fresh garbanzos... but they are $3.99 a pound. The peas are quite good... the Garbanzo prices still scare me too much to try them.

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            1. re: Eat_Nopal

              Try the fresh garbanzos.... they are great!

              1. re: Eat_Nopal

                If the garbanzos are shelled .. go for it ... good price. If you have to shell them presonally, it is a bit of a hassle. If the are still on the bush ... skip ... overpriced. I liked fresh garbonzos, but they don't drive me wild. They also dry out really quickly so eat them within a week. I have some posts about fresh garbanzos out there, but search shows nada.

                1. re: rworange

                  These are unshelled but off the stalk... it does seem steep doesn't it?

                  1. re: Eat_Nopal

                    The garbanzos were 1.99 a pound at Berkeley Bowl on Thursday. They seem to range in the high $2s in the Mexican markets around Fruitvale. So $3.99 is high and it does take some time to pop them out. Unless you are really called it's novelty food-- but they are tasty with a quick saute.