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Apr 2, 2007 11:20 AM

Need recommendations in Nashville

We're visiting Nashville for the first time next week. Anybody have some ideas for non-touristy Southern cuisine and Q?

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  1. Mothership BBQ in Berry Hill area and Martin's BBQ on Nolensville Road.

    1. Arnold's restaurant on 8th Avenue has some of the best meat-n-three in town. Open for breakfast (but check before you go for breakfast) and lunch. Around the corner on Lafayette is Dandgure's, another fine meat-n-three place. For a whole lunch "experience" visit Swett's in the Farmer's Market off James Robertson Parkway. The adjoining Bicentennial Mall is a nice walk, with interesting historic stuff and pretty landscaping.
      By far the most atmospheric meat-n-three is Silver Sands on uh, Locklayer St. behind US Tobacco, which is on 8th Avenue at Harrison across from the Farmers Market. Again, haven't been in 2 years, but it was great when I went last, and the neighborhood has buffed up considerably since my previous visit 5 years before that. It used to be the drug dealer luncheonette,and now it's fully of professionals and church ladies.
      Mothership is currently the best bbq in town, but Judge Beans at 12th and Porter downtown, is usually pretty good, especially the beef and the sausages. Haven't been there in over a year, so I'm not fully up to date on the quality.

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        once years ago friends took me to a fried chicken shop near the river...very rundown and dangerous feeling...the chicken was loaded with cayenne and fried til it was crusted over and black....and amazing.What is the name of this gem and is it still open?

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          Sounds like a hot chicken place...I have no idea which one it is or was.

          I love Prince's Hot Chicken. It's addictive.

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            Maybe Bolton's on Gallitan? It's less than a mile from the River. I've never ventured inside.

            1. re: LPM

              I like Bolton's. I'd give Prince's a bit of an edge, but you will not be disappointed at Bolton's at all.

              There's also East Side Fish (a hot fish place -- "the crunkest fish in town") a little farther up Gallatin. I've never eaten there but some foodie friends of mine swear by it.

        2. Our favorite barbeque is Hog Heaven by Centennial Park. The pulled pork and pulled chicken are both fabulous, and we love the coleslaw. The white sauce is great too.

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            I buy a quart of that white BBQ sauce whenever we come to visit! I figured out how to more or less duplicate it several years ago, but then they stopped making the vinegary Missouri barbecuing sauce that was the heart and soul of it, so now it's just the one annual visit to Hog Heaven...

            I always have one lunch at Arnold's, too - the hot tip for that is to show up at 11:00! Hot tip #2: Monday is Fried Chicken Day. DO NOT miss that.

          2. I had heard somewhere that Chappy's was relocating to Nashville from Long Beach, MS after Katrina. Anyone know if they are open up there?

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              Yea Chappy's opened up on Church St., where it intersects with, I don't know, maybe 16th avenue or so? Not sure of the cross street but yes, they are open here.

              1. re: notgreg

                Cool! Although, I never go to Nashville. Don't know how his seafood will be that far inland, but the desserts were always worth the trip!

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                  I've never been to Chappy's, but I have not heard anyone that I know who has been say anything good.

            2. Monell's is very good family style all-you-can-eat Southern food. I'd say that you get to try the largest number of dishes for the least money there.