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Apr 2, 2007 11:14 AM

Favorite cheap Mexican in PHX East valley?

I'm fairly new to the East valley area and would like to build a list of good, cheap, mexican spots. A beer license would be a positive. Any thoughts/suggestions?


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  1. Where precisely in the East Valley? Our urban sprawl keeps redefining the term.

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    1. Restaurant Mexico in downtown Tempe. Cheap, fresh, and tasty. It's more in the style of central Mexico--their green sauce is tomatillo based and they use queso anejo (crumbly, slightly salty, white cheese) as a their cheese topping and filling rather than burying everything under goopy globs of fluorescent cheddar. RM was about the only Mexican place I went to while a student in Tempe--I'm not sure if I realized at the time how lucky I was to be so close to food that good and that affordable. They have a decent selection of Mexican and American macrobrews.

      1. Hi - thanks, I guess I was a bit general. I'm in East Gilbert.

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          Oops. My knowledge of things farther east than Tempe is pretty thin.

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            Ah yes, PRG (People's Republic of Gilbert...pardon my cynicism), a virtual wasteland of good chow (Joe's BBQ and Flancer's notwithstanding).

            A few options worth trying:

            Rancho de Tia Rosa

            They have a full bar in the restaurant, and serve beer in the Taqueria. Very good, slowly cooked meats.

            Guedo's Cantina Grill
            71 E. Chandler Blvd.
            Chandler, 85225

            Excellent taco bar - highly recommended. Cash only.

            Rivas Mexican Food
            546 N Gilbert Rd
            Gilbert, AZ 85234

            Ok, so it's cheap, fast-food, but it does the trick. No booze.

            1. re: azhotdish

              Los Dos Molinos on Alma School and Broadway is New Mexican and hotter than your average mexican. Not CHEAP, but inexpensive

              Cafe Posada on Gilbert Rd and Ray. Pretty yummy and inexpensive

              Dos Garduno's on Val Vista and Elliot or Val Vista and Guadalupe. Also inexpensive

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                Oh...and El Zocalo in Chandler on Chandler Blvd and Arizona Ave. Very good and pretty inexpensive.

            2. re: macolyar

              Here are our East Valley faves. We live in Higley.

              Los Dos Molinos on Alma School - Hot and relatively inexpensive. Not as crowded as Central location.

              Blue Adobe Grill on Country Club - A little more upscale then Los Dos, but still Southwestern style

              Guedos in Downtown Chandler - Tace Bar, very inexpensive and really good.

              El Zocalo in Downtown Chandler - average food, not real cheap, but a great place for happy hour and enjoying their incredible patio

              Nandos Val Vista and Baseline - Kind of a chain atmosphere, but above average chain type of food. There Carne Asada is pretty decent and they make killer margs.


              1. re: Billy Bob

                also Si Senor off Alma School. And Francisco's Pueblo Cafe (Michoacan cuisine), Warner and just west of Arizona

            3. There's been some decent suggestions thrown out...I'll add Rosa's at Mesa/University. Worth going just for the sweet tomatillo salsa! Plus, the food is solid, with some nice shrimp/seafood items.