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[Dallas] Mooyah Burgers & Fries

Just opened on Park and North Dallas Tollway NW Corner along Park.

It's a very interesting fast food concept. The meat is obviously fresh ground and quite high quality. You order your burger and most of the toppings including items like mushroom, grilled onions etc are complimentary. There is no reason to every order more than their Jr. version. The fries are the east coast style browned more mushy fries.

They have burgers, fries and shakes and that's it. Overall I would rate them one of the better burgers in the area. I ate at Kincaids yesterday and would say overall they rate better than kinkaids.


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  1. Thanks for the info - this is close to my husband's work. We will definitely need to try it.

    The fries sound like the same as the legendary Chicago hot dog stand "Gene & Jude's". The prices seem extremely reasonable also, especially if the Jr is enough. I am heading to Chicago for Easter, but I look forward to getting back to try this place!

    1. Turns out they are in the same shopping strip as my hairstylist, so I popped in to give it a try this afternoon. Your description was pretty spot on-- I had the junior burger with bacon and cheese along with a helping of fries. I've never been a fan of that style of fries, but the burger was pretty good for its fast food class and was just enough food. I wouldn't hesitate to go there again, though I'm probably not going to make any special trips to Plano just to have it.

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        Funny enough I am not a big fan of those fries either, but... One of my coworkers of from the NJ shore and says they are "boardwalk fries" and that the only way to eat them is to douse them with malt vinegar first and them dunk liberally in ketchup. I did this and they became pretty darn good. I still like shoestring style fries much better, but these are not bad.

        1. re: irodguy

          Huh. I did notice the bottles of malt vinegar next to the ketchup dispenser and wonder what they were for. You learn something every day. I'll give that a try next time. Thanks for the tip!

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            Yep, this style of french fries is definitely "boardwalk fries", they're limp and browned, usually with the skin on. I personally don't do the ketchup thing with these, but the malt vinegar is a must. And you need to practically soak the fries in it. Yummmmmmm.

            This place sounds very similar to a place up in the DC/Delaware/NJ area called Five Guys Burgers. As a matter of fact, looking at their webpage, it's almost exactly the same.

      2. I lined up early saturday and was one of their first 100. I thought the regular size burger was just fine and I definitely plan on going back to this place.

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          Did you get the free burgers for a year?

            1. re: air

              Whey cool! I was orignally riding tour Dallas, but did not due to the cold, and promptly forgot about trying for the first 100.

        2. Okay, so I went up there tonight west on park at the Tollway, and for the life of me, I absolutely COULD NOT find this place! What is next to it? Looked everywhere to no avail! Help!

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            West of Willow Bend Mall in the shopping strip with Chic-Fil-A, Office Max, some hobby store, and I think a Bed Bath Beyond. Facing Park.

            1. re: vktp

              Wow...I was in that shopping strip, and yet did not see it! I will try again..Thanks!

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                It faces Park next to the suzuki dealer.

          2. The burgers are good but I wouldn't go out of my way to try them out.

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              There today for first time. As good as Hunky's - my current burger fave. As close to In and Out as you can get. Fresh, tasty, great fries, clean - I love it....Jon B

            2. Okay, so I just got back from eating there for the first time...All I can say is YUM! Amazing burgers and fries, especially for the price....This one is definitely a keeper...

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                Went to Mooyahs for lunch yesterday with my wife and 10 yr old son. We all loved it. The meat was definitely a cut above. I ordered a mooyah size burger with cheese,mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato and jalapenos. Mooyah size means double patty where the junior burger is a single patty. As for the fries....I like them. I tried some with the vinegar and thought it was different, but good. The fries could have used a little more seasoning, but maybe I will ask for that next time. They definitely make every burger to order so I am sure they would do a order of fries next time. We ordered 2 mooyah size burgers (1 with cheese) and 1 junior burger with cheese and bacon and a large order of fries with 3 waters and it was $18.
                I list some of my favorite Dallas burger joints as Snuffers and Kellers. Mooyah is definitely in the same category as Kellers with the thin style pattys (just with a better quality meat).

              2. We went there yesterday evening. The meat on the burgers is pretty good. My bread was soggy on the bottom from all the meat drippings. That style of french fries is not my favorite. The decor was a bit sterile. Not a bad value, don't dislike the joint per se, but it isn't really at the top of my list.

                There are other options I prefer. YMMV

                1. Another thing I wanted to discuss... what toppings do you like?

                  Mine will always have cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomato, then I'll add one more thing depending on my mood: either grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms, or special sauce.

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                    I'm a no frills burger girl: bun, patty, bacon, cheese, and ketchup. Sometimes I like tomato or red onions, but I inevitably abandon them somewhere before I get to the end.

                    1. re: vktp

                      I noticed buffalo sauce on the menu yesterday and I don't think it was there before. Tried it out and it was surprisingly pretty good!

                      1. re: air

                        Yeah that is new...Wasn't there a couple of weeks ago...Just the "special sauce"....

                        1. re: jinet12

                          Went there last Friday for lunch while in Plano. It was just ok. the bun was tough. It reminded me of an In and Out starter kit. I liked it as a business concept, however. I think you can do better in town for the same money.

                          1. re: J.R.

                            Wow, when we went, one of the best things was the bun...very fresh baked...must be a timing thing

                            1. re: jinet12

                              So the familyand I finally made it to Mooyah for lunch today. The employees were super friendly and the place was very clean. We ordered 4 jr burgers. Mine had buffalo sauce, jalopenos, & sauteed onion. The burger was very flavorful and I was quite happy with all of my toppings. If you are looking for more of a meat ratio then go with the Mooyah burger which had two patties. We also ordered the large size fries and let me tell you, if you have ever been to Gene & Jude's in Chicago, these are the same style fries as this famous institution. However, I think these fries were BETTER because the fries at Gene and Jude's have a tendency to be soggy. These were cooked to perfection! Crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. My hubby had his fries with the malt vineger. The kids ate theirs with ketchup. Now I prefer these fries with nothing other than salt. I must have said to my husband at least 7 times throughout the meal how excited I was about these fries. I know it's a burger joint - but if you like this style of fries you will know what I am talking about. I sure wish I would have been one of those first 100 people when they opened. But like my husband said - we would be as big as a house in that year! The only thing that I think has room for improvement was the bun. They were a little squashed and/or soggy. They were very fresh, but my daughter had a lot of toppings on her burger and the bun could not hold up to them. It kept falling apart, but that is the ONLY place for improvement in my opinion. Thanks for opening in the area Mooyah!!! We will be frequent customers.

                              1. re: Chicago Native

                                The fries have massively improved as well because of the suggestion forms they've been passing around. About 2 weeks ago, all of my friends and I always wrote "seasoned fries" on the suggestions, and looks like they listened.

                                1. re: air

                                  Yep but they are still holding off on my Onion Ring suggestion. I told them next time we go I am stopping by Whataburger and picking up rings. Surely it would not be hard for them to do a better quality ring at a higher price point.

                          2. re: jinet12

                            I love the special sauce there- anyone know what it is?

                            1. re: burgerluvr

                              Seems like a thousand island dressing without the pickles...

                              1. re: jinet12

                                I asked- it is Hellmann's 1000 Island. No wonder it is good!

                    2. I ate there again today and for a greasy burger, it is ok. I wouldn't recommend anyone go out of their way for the burgers here.

                      The fries are much better than the first time ate there. The shakes are not bad but about the same as what you would find at McDonalds.

                      1. Ate there for a second time last night...Still a really delicious burger..did not find it greasy...Bun was soft and fresh, fries had greatly improved...Crisp and delicious...This place definitely has it going on...

                        1. Best burgers seems to be a hot topic on this board. I found a pretty interesting blog that reviews burgers in texas....


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                            Highly overrated. The fries are good. The burger was OK but not great. It looks like crap; the bun was too way small and the patties are not even a quarter pound. Probably 5-1 patties. It is not family friendly if you have kids. You have to make several trips to carry the food, ketchup, salt & pepper. You have to ask for extra napkins and they don't even have trays available. How hard is it to have a stack of trays or to keep the salt & pepper shakers on the tables? I ordered and paid for bacon but I did not get bacon. When I took it back, the guy looked at me like an idiot and mumbled something. I told him to forget it, keep my money and that I wouldn't be back. He said nothing and didn't care -- so I guess I don't care to return with my family. I can get better service and a better burger at Whataburger across the street. Seriously.

                            1. re: kruxter

                              This sounds like a fluke and the first bad experience at Mooyah. They've always been really friendly, and even ask if you want them to get you ketchup, sauce, napkins, or whatever else.

                              1. re: kruxter

                                Wow, I was just saying the other day how very nice everyone that worked there was..Sorry you had a bad experience, though, honestly, I don't thing that is the typical experience....

                                1. re: jinet12

                                  Yep everybody has always been very nice since they opened to now. Now if I can just convince them to do onion rings!

                                  1. re: irodguy

                                    OK - I need to ask if they have added seasoning to the fries like some of you have requested? I talked about this restaurant on a different web site and someone posted that they went there this weekend and the smell of garlic and the taste on the fries was overwhelming. It was not like this when I went there and wanted to know if anyone has been there in the last few days and noticed a difference?

                                    1. re: Chicago Native

                                      I was there yesterday and didn't notice any garlic smell or taste. . . tried it with malt vinegar this time, and they were quite good.

                                2. re: kruxter

                                  Went there Sunday afternoon with a friend. We both had the double patty burger and we split a large order of fries. The first thing I noticed was that the foil wrapper seems to keep moisture/ juices in, so much so that the bun was very soggy even though it had been toasted. The taste of the burger was ok, but again, as noted in previous posts, I wouldn't drive out of my way (as I did this visit) to try them.

                                  The fries were pretty good though a tad salty.

                                  The chocolate shake was pretty good, thicker than the straw could handle.

                                  The staff was about as friendly as the staff at McDonalds.

                                  And what's up with the lack of napkins and salt and pepper shakers? I'm sure they are trying to cut corners, but since these burgers are not really cheap, they can spring for those expected items.

                              2. Just got back from a visit to Mooyah. As someone noted earlier, the website's resemblance to Five Guys is very obvious, and the same holds true for the restaurant itself (save for the peanut-shells everywhere.)

                                We found the burgers to be almost exactly like Five Guys (which is a good thing!) - The fries were crispier, and pretty good with vinegar on them.

                                I've still yet to try Kincaid's, but so far this is my current favorite burger in DFW now that Shiney's Paradise Grill and Cheeburger Cheeburger are gone.

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                                1. re: roddie

                                  Mooyah has recently been compared to the "In and Our Burger"

                                  1. re: jinet12

                                    Exactly . . . the whole concept (outside of the fact that there's no drive through window at Mooyah) is a virtual carbon copy of "In and Out". Just makes you wonder why the real "In and Out" has yet to set up shop in Texas. Can you say Ca-Ching?

                                    1. re: skedhead2000

                                      some people can, but that doesn't necessarily drive the In-N-Out company. Expanding that wide almost always means a drop in quality.

                                2. I am thinking that the big difference in people's opinion of this restraurant is their frame of reference. Seems like folks coming from out of state like this join more than the natives. Thousand Island dressing has no place on a Texas burger and the thing should be big, even if the meat is thinner. This thing is small and mine had soggy bread.

                                  I guess it's just a different genre of burger. I personally, am not as fired up about it as others seem to be. I am all for trying new things and seek them out in fact, but this one has not won me over just yet.

                                  1. Went there yesterday and there were non-stop crowds there! I have to agree that this place is over-rated as well. It was good, but definitely not as good as Jake's or Johnny Rockets! The fries were garlic-y, but very yummy. But everyone I went with was thirsty for the remainder of the day! It must've been saltier than I thought!! Overall good, but would not go out of the way to get it again.

                                    1. Has anyone tried the Uptown location yet? Also curious if the Turkey burger is any good.

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                                        I went for lunch last week. I thought it was good... but I'm glad that I didn't run up to Plano for the experience. First off, the fries were outstanding. Really nice and crisp - good with either malt vinegar or ketchup (or just salt). I would go back just for the fries.

                                        Burgers were pretty good, but not great. They have the thin patty format, which I enjoy but don't find particularly impressive. One note... the default cheese sucks. It tastes like Kraft singles (apologies to anyone who likes Kraft singles). When I return I will NOT get cheese (I didn't notice any cheese options - but someone said that Swiss was also available, so perhaps that would be better). Aside from the cheese, toppings were great (and mostly free!).

                                        I did not try a turkey burger, but would be interested to hear how it tastes.

                                        1. re: gavlist

                                          The thing about Mooyah, to me, is the quality of food, considering the price....I really don't know anywhere else, where the food is that good and CHEAP...

                                          1. re: gavlist

                                            Tried the turkey burger for lunch.

                                            The good: I liked the assortment of toppings such as sauteed onions and mushrooms. Everything was piping hot and made fresh.

                                            The not so good: Turkey meat was way too salty for me. For an advertised "fresh" patty, it was also more dense and dry than I would have expected. Bun was soggy.

                                            Fries were better than the burger. Oddly enough - they needed more salt. Tried them with malt vinegar, but then it made me wish I was eating beer battered fish.

                                            My husband got the regular burger. He thought the patties were juicier than most thin meat patties. He also didn't like the soggy bread.

                                            Overall - no hurry to go back.

                                            1. re: gavlist

                                              I tried the turkey burger at the Uptown location last week. Just okay. Nothing too exciting. I think Twisted Root has a much better turkey burger.

                                          2. I am squarely in the "not that impressed" camp. Being my first time, I kept it simple and I had a cheeseburger "mooyah style" and I thought while all of the ingredients were fresh, the burger overall was just ok. American cheese as the only option? I didn't care for the secret sauce. It reminded me of a fresher version of a Jumbo Jack or some other fast food burger. The fries were good and crispy. Overall, it was fine, but I would not go out of my way for it. Better than Kincaid's? Fries, yes. Burger, no way.

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                                            1. re: supeRex

                                              I'm with you. The meat was better than typical fast-food, but MooYah is no Tin-Star (the previous establishment). Add some plastic play equipment out the front door and a few screaming kids and it would feel just like McDonalds. I can't believe anybody thought this would be a good idea in the Uptown area. We've got options for better burgers and I'll be going there. Now, if it was in an area where the competition consisted of Carl Jr's or BK, I'd go there. Fudruckers anyone?

                                              1. re: supeRex

                                                I think Kincaid's wins the award for distance in quality between the burgers and the fries. I'm pretty sure they're the same fried i had in middle school.

                                              2. I took my son to lunch yesterday. I was really disapointed, not as good as previous visits. Even he noticed. He's 12.

                                                1. Sorry, I found nothing special about Mooyahs. I thought my double meat and cheese was dry and tasteless. In no way does Mooyahs compare with In-n-Out burger.
                                                  I'll stick with Twisted Root Burger Co.

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                                                  1. re: twinwillow

                                                    Totally agree, twinwillow. I disliked the fries, my husband, however said they were "ok." Not even close to In-n-Out Burger. If you are looking for something similar to In-n-Out (Although nothing really compares), try Johnny B's in Southlake. YUMMY.

                                                  2. A step up from Whataburger, but no more than that. Nothing spectacular about the quality of meat. Just barely getting into the level of browning that makes a thin patty wonderful. I would go back, but not for that price. i think three bucks for the Jr. is too much. I'll put Keller's and Burger house above them, for less money too.

                                                    I think the comparisons to In-N-Out are way off, except for the color scheme.