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Apr 2, 2007 10:42 AM

Michael Mina: should I even bother?

I'm going to visit SF at the end of April and I have a reservation at Michael Mina. Last time I was in town I went to Gary Danko and enjoyed it, but from what I read here, MM won't measure up.

Could someone give me their short list of alternatives to look into?

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  1. I far preferred Michael Mina to Gary Danko. However, if it is tasing menus you are going for, then The Dining Room at the Ritz was the best.

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      1. re: jakew8

        You'll see lots of jackets and ties and suits at the Ritz, but I showed up without a tie or a jacket and was welcomed warmly.

        1. re: jakew8

          The French Laundry's the only restaurant in the Bay Area that requires a jacket.

      2. Okay let's say that I'm interested in restaurants of the same caliber as GD and MM, tasting menu or not. What else should I consider?

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          Boulevard and Chez Panisse [in Berkeley] are both worthy of consideration.

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            In San Francisco, besides Gary Danko and Michael Mina, consider

            Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton
            Fifth Floor (new chef, not sure of current quality)

            Slightly lower quality, but still very good are:

            Ame, and
            La Folie

            1. re: Paul H

              I don't think the Fifth Floor has hired a new chef yet.

            2. re: jakew8

              Both the Ritz and Fleur De Lys are exceptional and i enjoyed both more than Danko.

              1. re: Lord Griffin

                I'm really happy to read that everyone here still recommends the Dining Room at the Ritz. We'll be visiting from the east coast and have reservations there next Thursday...I'm very excited!!
                We also have reservations at the Slanted Door...still deciding on some cheap eats for the other nights in the city (we're heading to San Fransisco from Sonoma, where we have reservations at Cyrus, Cafe La Haye and the Farmhouse Inn). This trip might require a second mortgage if we don't look out. :)

              2. re: jakew8

                The suggestions are valid, but I prefer Mina's to most. I love GD and Boulevard, and am an odd ball supporter of Aqua, but would choose Mina for a special occaison almost everytime. His specialty is seafood, I wouldn't go if I wanted meat.

                1. re: Chris Rising

                  I ate at the Dining Room about 2 weeks ago and I told the chef I only wanted fish. Ron blew me away! I really don't think anyone is doing fish better in SF (at this level of dining-I am still so in love with Kiss...) Really, I like Michael Mina as a person but this was so much better than anything I have ever tried at Mina's or Aqua during his tenure there. FWIW, the beef trio was better at Mina than the cod trio but it still wasn't roll-my-socks-up-and-down fantastic.

              3. I prefer Masa's but I'm glad I tried MM at least once for the experience.

                1. The 2 of the 3 finest meals we have evr had in SF were at MM. The food was phenomonal. The dining room is elegant and well lit. Food is perfectly executed with the freshest ingredients. Very helpful but not intrusive staff. Well worth it!!!!!

                  1. Are you coming from Manhattan?

                    My meal at Mina didn't come close to touching my meals at Le Bernardin, Jean-Georges, or Bouley. Although, I wasn't blown away by Gary Danko either.

                    I was disappointed because I thought that each tasting of 6 would be like Le Bernardin's fluke tasting times two - one ingredient, done 6 ways, each one distinctly different and insanely delicious. Instead, I found the preparations didn't differ enough from each other to really register. The scallop sextet came closest to achieving that, but was marred by greasiness on the cooked scallop/potato cake side (a combination that reminded me of the infinitely superior potato crusted scallop at Aureole)

                    The short rib sextet was even more disappointing - the flavors in each preparation were so similar that they melded together into one big, expensive mass of shortrib.

                    The dessert was the most disappointing of all. I ordered a trio of berry preparations (the sort of thing that Gramercy Tavern used to excel at, when Claudia Fleming was there), and it was just meh.

                    I actually swore off fancy tasting menus in SF for a little while, but recent posts are convincing me to give Coi and the Dining Room at the Ritz a shot.

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                    1. re: daveena

                      My complaints with MM are identical. The same ingredient isn't really prepared 3 ways. It's mostly a different sauce with the same ravioli or grilled fish. To be honest, it felt kind of gimmicky.

                      I swore off high end dining in SF for a while also. I think SF/bayarea's strength's lie in the middle-tier (Bar Tartine, Oliveto's Whole Hog and Truffle dinners, Incanto). However, Manresa is a notable exception. I can't wait to try the tasting with wine pairing. We ordered a la carte and it was delicious. I was a little disappointed that they didn't have beignets the night we went. "Just call ahead next time," said our waiter. "We can prepare it for you." That's the kind of place Manresa is.

                      The Ritz is another place that didn't live up to my expectations foodwise. If I do go back, I would try something like the Salt and Pepper tasting if it were still available.