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Apr 2, 2007 10:36 AM

lamb for two?

the plan is boneless tenderloin. i was thinking about searing it, but i'm stumped on flavorings, marinades, and side dishes. garlic and a blanket of fresh herbs? minted peas? basil-mint puree?

he's hard to please. restrictions: no wheat, rice, or other grains. potatoes are ok. no cheese.

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    1. i always think rosemary and garlic with lamb. minted peas are nice. roasted new potatoes are pretty standard accompaniment.

      i make roasted leeks which are a big hit. cut off the root ends and most of the green. slice the white horizontally. rinse well. lay flat in a buttered casserole. pour some warm chicken stock and melted butter in the dish. season the leeks with equal parts sugar and salt. roast at 400 about 10 or 15 minutes till very soft.

      1. Hi, I just made a boneless leg of lamb last night.

        It was 2lbs. I rubbed olive oil on it and then covered it with some rosemary, parsley, salt, pepper and some garlic. I roasted it at 350 for about an hour or so (my husband likes it medium) I served it with mint jelly, mashed potatoes and cream corn (husband's request lol) He loved it, I don't like lamb.

        1. This lamb recipe at Epicurious is fantastic, and would work with a tenderloin instead of a top round:

          You basically rub the lamb with ground cardamom and broil it, and serve with the fantastic gingered mint pesto, which is a pesto made from cashews, mint, fresh ginger, olive oil and garlic, cut with a little yogurt. The flavor combination is fantastic. It would be good served with some roasted potatoes on the side.

          1. I make a puree paste of olive oil, fresh mint, lots of chopped garlic and a little fresh rosemary and kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper. Slather it on and let it marinate several hours or overnight. I hope you're not using the boneless tenderloin from Trader Joe's as it has a very odd flavor. I prefer this marinade for rack of lamb.