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Apr 2, 2007 10:32 AM

Curing salts in Hamilton?

I've been looking for curing salts in Hamilton, but I can only find online sources for several pounds when I only need a tsp. at a time.

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  1. On the southeast corner of Queenston Road and Centennial Parkway (almost at the corner, actually, beside the gas station), there's a fabulous food store called...well, I don't know what the business is actually called but my mother calls it the "Punjabi Market", anyway, they've got everything and I bet they'd have salts for you.

    1. Horn of Plenty (King St in Dundas) has a selection of salts and I've seen pink curing salt at Fortinos at their Eastgate and Main West locations...

      1. I've seen the sign for the Punjabi store, but never been. Springer's meats on Morley will also sell me some salts. I'll get it from the next place my travels take me.