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Best Quesadillas in L.A.!

Hey. I'm writing a blog on the best Quesadillas in L.A. I welcome any and all reccomendations. I do not write bad reviews if I am unhappy with the food. I only put positivity into cyberspace. Thanks in advance to all of those that post!

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  1. My favorite is that Sausage and Grilled Onion/Pepper monstrosity that they serve at the Hollywood Farmer's Market at the Sausage stand. They even grill cheese OUTSIDE of the tortilla...


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      I now see why you folks ride your bikes everywhere... eating one of those would require a ride from the Westside to Latvia to burn off! But it does sound awesome.

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        Yeah... It's a total gut bomb but I've only ordered it once and thankfully had help... :)


    2. I have tried many quesadillas in L.A., yesterday I tried Sabor a México quesadillas, (recommended by Dommy) they are the best I have tried anywhere, a must for you to try. We had Flor de calabaza and potato quesadillas, I can't wait to go again and try more.

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        Yeah, that mushroom and cheese quesadilla at SaM is pretty damn delicious!

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          Tony's on Coldwater and Magnolia has a very nice mushroom and spinach quesadilla.

      2. A little embarrassed since I mentioned on another thread that Baja Fresh has some of my favorite nachos, but I really love the fajita quesadilla at La Salsa. I get it with shrimp sometimes 2-3 times a week for a fast dinner.

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          No shame - one of my favorites is Wahoo's because it's not swimming in a pool of oil, I love their flour tortillas and, if you like, you can add chicken, beef or shrimp.

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            Heck - have them surf&turf it - beef and shrimp! A little guac, queso and pico de gallo and you're set!

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            Second the rec for La Salsa, w/ or w/o chicken... I love their roasted tomatillo salsa too.

          3. I am also embarrassed to say - Del Taco has really good quesadillas. Or maybe because I've never eaten them sober :)

            I've also found that - kind of randomly - every sports bar I've been to has had really great quesadillas.

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              Ha! This sounds like my quesadilla eating habits! No wonder I'm always ordering them at Weiland's.

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                I am also embarrassed to say that I really really really like the Del Taco quesadillas too for some reason.

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                  I also do like the quesadillas at Del Taco - especially the Spicy Jack ones.

              2. J&S #3 in Montebello has some mighty fine beef special quesadillas. but if you don't like it... by all means pan it. i'd prefer honesty, than to go somewhere expecting something delicious and find it mediocre.

                1. Carnitas michocan #3 Corner of Venice Blvd & Hoover ave. Quesadillas Especialles large flour tortilla filled with Soft Melting Con Ceso Filled with your choice of meat i Usually get Carne Asada, Mayo, guacamole, lettuce, tomato and their Salsa Roja actually more like a salsa mole.......YUM!

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                    I'm partly with you on this one. I've tried three branches of Carnitas Michaocan (including the one in ELA on Soto, I think) and by far the superior is the one north of Chinatown before Lincoln Heights on No. Broadway at 19th. Fantastic salsa roja (I've seen it described as a salsa negra) and the only one I've found with al pastor carved from a rotisserie spit.

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                      I lived almost 20 years in Lincoln Heights... Carnitas Michoacan in the mid '80s and has since fallen many notches below... there are much better places in LHTS... try La Chapilita at Broadway & Johnston, and a there is a couple of places of on Pasadena between Avenue 26 & 30.

                    1. The problem with quesadillas is that real ones are made with CORN tortillas, and I never see those sold at restaurants.

                      Not that a good quesadilla is hard to make, but where in the world can you buy one?

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                        In general, most places will be glad to substitute with corn tortillas, and I have seen some places list or ask if you want corn or flour. I think that they assume that flour is preferred by most - kind of dumbin' down for us is my guess?

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                          I am glad you make this point because I have been itching to say... there are only a few decent quesadillas in L.A.... I am sure SaM is probably a baseline for you guys to judge once real quesadillas become more widely available. All the flour quesadillas at the Tex-Mex / Old School Mex places will seem so Totinos Frozen Pizza once you have the real thing.

                          A couple of places to try... El Borrego de Oro in East L.A. (famous for real Lamb Barbacoa on the weekends, El Huarache Azteca in El Monte) etc., again these are just a baseline... the quesadilla offering should improve dramatically with competition in the next 10 years.

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                            They sell corn tortialls quesadillas at Pepe's. I just had one from the Pepe's in Alhambra on Valley. It was okay, I'm not saying it was the best, but it was corn!

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                              I think that the Alhambra Pepe's is no where near as good as the Placentia one. They have both corn and flour tortilla quesadillas. And of course the Placentia one has the ultimate devine breakfast burrito. The Alhambra Pepe's bb pales by comparison.

                          2. my secret shame is baja cantina on washington (not very chow-ish, i know!). i love their rosemary chicken quesadilla and their papaya chicken quesadilla. and the gi-normous drinks are great too!

                            1. I am a big fan of the stand at the Santa Monica farmers' market at Virginia Park. I think it's the salsa that they put inside that makes them so good. I generally get the one with chicken in it.

                              1. Las Trancas(Maywood) Chicken Quesadilla, game over! Oops, fresh Guac also.

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                                  Poquito Mas does one fine quesadilla

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                                    Anything else good there Russ? (They have, btw, the most annoying website I have ever visited.)

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                                      DK, Everything is great at Las Trancas. Lets do lunch?

                                  2. The "la casa" quesadilla from La Cabana, on Rose in Venice, is my all-time favorite quesadilla. Although some of the food at La Cabana can be spotty, the la casa quesadilla is really good -- it comes with machaca and cheese, grilled to a crispy gooey mess -- they have a tasty red salsa which goes perfectly with the quesadilla.

                                    I also am partial to the quesadillas they serve at the Boyle Heights branch of La Serenata -- they are really light but sooo good!

                                    1. They're in Long Beach -- and would be worth trekking down here for...The best I've (ever) tasted is at a newish taqueria called Tacos Champala (may be spelling that incorrectly). It's a hole in the wall at the corner of Anaheim and Obispo. I've tried only the chicken and they do them perfectly. Comes with the thick Mexican sour creme, home made guac (very good)...and they'll give you chopped up onions mixed with cilantro on the side if you ask-- Also, the green and red salsas are really sublime. The green is very similar to King Taco. The red has a really great smokey flavor. I use them both together..and really you don't need the other stuff!...FYI, this place also has the very best chicken taqueria tacos I've had as well. Haven't tried the asada or carnitas/pastor yet, but they seem to be the most popular with the locals eating there (lengua very popular too), so I'm assuming quesadillas with those meats are great, as well...this is a great find...oh, and totally cheap. They even subtract 10 percent from your bill when you order...which you'd be happy to give back.

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                                        Real mexican 'sour cream' isn't thick. You're getting regular sour cream. Mexican sour cream is crema and it's runny, with a slight sweetness to it.

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                                          Not necessarily true.... there are numerous regional variations of crema... some are almost as thick as Lebneh or Greek Yogurt and quite sour.

                                      2. Here are two places that make the “Special Quesadilla.” They are made with pastrami inside.. At Jim’s the pastrami version is not on the regular menu but they will make with a smile. At J&S it is on the menu. Both places make them with salty pastrami and the flavor blends very well with the salsa and other things going-on inside – a meal.

                                        Jim's Famous Quarterpound Burger
                                        915 W Duarte Rd
                                        Arcadia, CA 91007
                                        (626) 447-5993

                                        J&S (American & Mexican Menu)
                                        887 N. Garfield
                                        Montebello, CA
                                        (323) 725-8106
                                        OPEN 24 hours, Never Closed since 1967

                                        1. had a great one at El Abanejo (carne asada). Culver city on Inglewood/Culver.

                                          It wasn't overly big, gooey or didn't have "orange cheese".....I believe it was a jack cheese and some nice carne asada in a good portion.....served with some guacamole.

                                          1. I usually don't care for quesadillas but my favorite one right now is at El Gallito taco truck in Harbor City

                                            1. I really do like the ones at Baja Fresh if I can't make one at home. They will do a chicken and steak combo for you, and ask for their "pepper mix" inside. A gooey delight.

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                                                I am a fan of corn tortilla quesadillas. My favs are:
                                                SM-the mushroom is my fav
                                                La Cabana does a good spinach/cheese
                                                Tia Juana does a very good basic cheese in hand made corn tortilla. I get it with nopalitas for a light but still cheesy meal. I also like Tia Jauna for Tostadas and their salsa rojo and verde.

                                              2. had a pretty good one at CINCO DE MAYO next to Tito's Tacos. Cheap to boot ($5 bucks or so)...they used jack cheese, with steak inside. GUTBUSTER!

                                                1. The trucks near La Favorita Bakery in ELA! (OK I admit this is an esoteric reply)

                                                  2305 E 4th St Los Angeles, CA

                                                  The trucks are not on 4th but up the cross street (Breed) between 3rd and 4th.

                                                  Friday night it was huitacloche/flor de calabaza with best champurrado I have had all year (not too sweet with the piloncillo raw sugar but good canela flavor).

                                                  I had the griddled, not fried quesadilla. Learned to eat them in Coyacan, MX but there they had fresh lard to fry the quesadilla.

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                                                    I like this truck, what hours and is it there daily?

                                                  2. straight forward quesadillas i like is pepe's corn tortillas but i do like spcl quesadillas at j&s and el loco

                                                    1. My personal favorite is Tere's "Chicken Special Quesadilla." I love it despite the fact it is a bit greasy. Get it with chips and guac...and bring your own beer. Crave worthy!

                                                      1. The Vegetarian Quesadilla at Lares on Pico in Santa Monica....yummie!!!

                                                        1. I had an amazing lobster quesadilla at the marriot in marina del rey..random i know..but they have this bar called glow and they had some pretty yummy bar food. I expected my quesadilla to have little shreds of lobster, but it came with big juicy chuncks..mmmm so good..and it was cheap for hotel food..i think like 8 or 9 bucks

                                                          1. breakfast quesadilla at backdoor bakery silverlake is very nice.


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                                                              So many choices... it's really hard to screw up a quesadilla, isn't it?