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Apr 2, 2007 10:23 AM

Less Expensive?

My husband and I will be in New Orleans for a few days shortly. We are going to have a good meal at Herbsaint, Brigsten's, August, or Stella's. BUT, we are going to meet some friends for a good, cozy meal (they all live in the area and my husband's from the area and cooks better than most of the Creole restaurants there, so we don't really need authentic Creole ). Our friends are on a bit of a budget. Anywhere good in the French Quarter area (or adjacent) that's in a lesser price range than those I mentioned? We haven't seen our friends for a while, so a loud party atmosphere is not what we're looking for. Cozy and budget-conscious... anyone??? anyone???

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  1. Adolfo's is a little italian place above a bar on Frenchman St. The food is really good, and from what I recall, lots of the entrees are $13-18, kinda divey, but definitely cozy. Or go up Esplanade toward City Park and eat at Lola's. Or there's Horinoya for the best sushi in town (IMO) on Poydras.

    1. Adolfo's is an excellent suggestion -- unique, affordable and delicious. Others in the same catagory in or near the Quarter include Bennachin (African), Mona Lisa (pizza and Italian), La. Pizza Kitchen (same), and Mona's (Lebanese). The first and last are BYOB, although Mona Lisa will let you bring your wine b/c it was BYOB at one time.

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        I always forget about Bennachin! Too long since I've been there. The food is good, and it's a nice atmosphere for sitting and talking, but it often takes a really long time to get your food. Which is fine if you're not in a hurry.

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          I love Bennachin, Eat is good also and it is BYO...

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            These are great suggestions. Thanks so much!!

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              What are the must eat items at Bennachin?Please descibe their deliciosity?