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Apr 2, 2007 10:02 AM

SEOUL - Restaurant Name

I have an email aquaintence in Seoul, which can occasionally be somewhat challenging due to the language barrier. In his latest email he mentioned celebrating his fiancee's birthday by reserving a room at a restaurant he called 'The Canddle 1978'. I have been unable to find any information about this restaurant on the web, despite trying various spellings. The only clues I have are that it is expensive ('I can't see my bank account anymore'), and that a famous actor proposed to his wife there. I'm thinking if anyone might be familiar with this establishment it would be a chowhound! Any info would be appreciated!

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  1. Maybe he meant 'Chotbul 1978' in Merngdong near Namsan(North Mountain) Tower. 'Chotbul' is Korean for candle. The place(opened in 1978) is famous for providing a beautiful candle-lit hours for lovers to propose, exchange gifts and the like. He sure is a romantic guy!

    1. Oh, I got a foto of the place!

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        That is the place - thanks so much! And you're right, I think he's very romantic - and now very broke! They are planning a wedding during winter break at KU, and that will be my first visit to Korea. My Rosetta Stone Korean language cds arrived last week and I'll be spending much of the next months in front of my PC wearing headphones and microphone. I think they'll view even a little language skill as a pleasant surprise. Thanks again!

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          Wow one can only dream of getting proposed at such beautiful place. You are visiting Korea? That's greaaaat! How long are you planning to stay for? Not only 'they' but most Koreans you will get acquainted with will be grateful for your effort with the language. So hang in!! If you have any trouble I'll be more than pleased to help you out ;)

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            jo_k -- the General Topics board has a post entitled 'IF I CAME TO VISIT'. I'd love to hear where you'd take a visitor to Seoul.

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              Didn't mean to limit my plea to one poster, or to Seoul only. Would love to read any contributions to 'IF I CAME TO VISIT' regarding Korea. Hope to make my first visit later this year and plan to visit as much of the country as I can in a 2-3 week period. Thanks!

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                Oh I haven't been around CHOW for quite a while. Sorry for a late reply. Hope you already got numerous suggestions for 'IF I CAME TO VISTIT'. I'll go over and check it out in a moment.