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Apr 2, 2007 10:01 AM

Looking for good Chinese takeout in Queen Anne

Anyone know of good Chinese takeout in Queen Anne that delivers? I suppose good Chinese that doesn't deliver would be my 2nd choice. Any ideas are appreciated!

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  1. Your best bet is to drive two hours north to Richmond. The first place you see is better then anywhere you may eat in Seattle. I don't think they deliver.

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    1. re: hhlodesign

      Why is there no decent Chinese food in Seattle?

      1. re: Bethwick

        I think it has to do with the fact that there are very few Chinese Americans/ immigrants in Seattle. Obviously, places such as LA and Richmond have decent Chinese food because the Chinese communities are thriving in these areas (I'd assume SF and NY also, but have not lived in either city). The increased number of Chinese immigrants and ABCs (American Born Chinese, such as myself) not only provide a greater opportunity for authentic Chinese restaurants to open, but also provide a larger discerning population that knows what Chinese food is supposed to taste like.

        As far as the recommendations here go. I'd avoid Uptown China like the plague. In fact, The only choices in the Queen Anne area are Uptown, Chen's Village, and Choy's (Pandasia is not Chinese). Trying to choose between these would be like trying to pick which finger you would rather have chopped off. You might be even better off at the Safeway hot foods counter.

        The majority of Chinese food in the ID is Cantonese style. When done properly it can be subtle and marvelous (Sea Harbour in Richmond). However, pathetic attempts end up being not much more than sweet, bland, and lots of oyster sauce. For Szechuan, Seven Stars Pepper does a decent facsimile, but doesn't hold a candle to places in LA and Vancouver/Richmond. Szechuan Chef in Bellevue is getting good reports. I have yet to try it.

        I tend to get my fix at the Taiwanese restaurants Rocking Wok and Chaing's Gourmet. The style is more home cooking than gourmet Cantonese, but the flavors are bolder and richer. But different than Szechuan.

        Bottom line is, Seattle has a few places worth going to if you just need your Chinese food fix. But nothing in this city can compare with restaurants in LA and Richmond. (I don't know enough about the SF and NY Chinese scene to compare them.)

        1. re: hhlodesign

          Thank you for the reply. I have collected a few recipes from Chinese chefs that are excellent (no oyster sauce). I guess I'll just have to keep cooking.

      2. re: hhlodesign

        that's a helpful answer.

        blackjsus, there isn't much good chinese on Queen Anne. If hard pressed, I'd go to Chinoise and get something off their menu. If you want something better, go down to the ID, or to Szechuan Chef on the eastside.

      3. I didn't know that there is such thing as good Chinese food in Seattle let alone Queen Anne

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        1. re: passionfoodie

          So I've heard. Anything passable that you take the plunge for once in a while?

          1. re: blackjsus

            Uptown China is certainly the best in the Queen Anne area

            1. re: blackjsus

              you might try Chiangs @77th and Lake City Way, looks like it could have been a former A&W Root Beer Palace. Mandrin Chef @50th and University Way is fun also and the owners very sweet.

              1. re: julio72

                Chiangs, while not on Queen Anne is excellent. It is a little different from the usual american chinese fare, as long as you make sure to get the traditional menu, not the american one. THe hostess is great, she is the owners wife and will happily let you know what is good and what isn't, especially if you tell her what sorts of things you like. Sometimes she will even have them whip up something not on the menu if she thinks its what you will like best...

              2. re: blackjsus

                Well you should try several and decide for yourself. IMHO Seattle has great chinese food, but most of it is in the ID. I've had fabulous dishes at Sea Garden, Ho Ho, Seven Stars Pepper (although original owners are now at Szechuan Chef in Bellevue) and I've heard good things about Yea's Wok. Mandarin Chef in the U-Dist is also worth checking out.

                I've been disappointed in Uptown China both times I've eaten there so can't really recommend it. I've had mediocre meals at some of my favorites, but I've had enough fantastic meals that I'll still go back.

            2. The only Chinese delivery I know if for Queen Anne is Pandasia. It's not very good, but they deliver, at least to part of the Hill. They are located in Interbay.

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              1. re: cocktailhour

                Uptown China delivers as well. I agree: they're pretty good.

              2. Uptown China completely sucks, and I would not recommend going there. You're better off taking a short trip to the I.D. and getting some dumplings from Sichuan Noodle Bowl, or Seven Star Pepper, Sichuanese Cuisine or Malay Satay Hut. Sorry, I don't know of any good Chinese restaurants in Queen Anne. As for no good Chinese food in Seattle, it all depends on what you order.

                1. UPTOWN CHINA is very, very good. I recommend you try it out yourself and see what you think...I've never been disappointed there.
                  Recommended dishes: Orange Beef (fabulous), Prawns in Lobster Sauce, Prawns with Snow Peas, Salt & PEpper SHrimp, Hot & Sour Soup, CRAB in GINGER/GARLIC Sauce (the best!), Sesame Hunan Scallops, Mu Shu Chicken or Pork, Stir-fry Chicken on a bed of Spinach, Buddha's Delight, Broccoli in Garlic Sauce, Spare Ribs.
                  The food is very fresh, tasty, no 'off' flavors (ya know what I mean), and carefully cooked.
                  Generous cocktails & modern, spacious dining room, friendly owners.

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                  1. re: staffstuff

                    Uptown could only be "Very, very good" if you are looking for Americanized Chinese food. Half of those dishes mentioned aren't even real Chinese dishes. Why don't you throw in an order of Egg Foo Young while you're at at.

                    Also, if you step into a Chinese restuarant serving cocktails; that's the first sign of something awry. "I'll have a chicken chow mein and a cosmopolitan."

                    1. re: hhlodesign

                      Sometimes yes, one does want Americanized Chinese food. It's what I grew up with, and what a lot of people in Seattle grew up with. I agree that authentic Chinese food is "better" -- of course it is. But it's not always what people are after....

                      So. If the OP wants good Americanized Chinese food, I will agree that there's nothing good on Queen Anne. All of the handmade signs in the windows of Uptown China freak me out, so I've never eaten there. My favorite in the north of downtown area is Snappy Dragon over in Maple Leaf. Or more north, New Peking in Lake City (if it's still there), and Peking House in Shoreline.

                      This all reminds me of the article in the NY Times magazine over the weekend about finding the perfect recipe for sesame noodles. It's not a "real" Chinese dish at all... but that doesn't mean that they're not freaking delicious.


                      1. re: dandelion

                        And, after all, 'freakin delicious' is why we're here.
                        I chuckle (lovingly, my friends) at comments about food not being "authentic." Why, yes, authentic is a fairly good place to start looking for flavor, but sometimes un-authentic will sneak up on a fellah and deliver some memorable and top-flavor chow. Seattle is practically in the last corner of the planet to be subdued, so we can draw from all the grand cuisines, without getting hide-bound in stultifying habit/tradition.

                        Back on topic --> Years ago (1990?) a place opened up in the abandoned A&W near Lincoln High School, on 45th, in Wallingford. Restaurants get bought and sold, so it morphed through a short series of Asian take-outs, each taking a paintbrush to the sign. At one point, I think, it was "Fuji Teriyaki," but ended up as "Fuji Chinese Cuisine," which really cracked me up. The proprietors were a lovely Asian couple, whose homeland I never did discern, and their two splendid daughters, who worked the front with ambition and grace. The food was good. The food was cheap. The experience was a chowhound orgasm every time. OK, a broke college-student chowhound, but still, that's where it begins, no? Eventually, they were gone one evening, leaving only a crayon-note taped to a wiindow that said "we are moving to Lake City." From what I am seeing here about Chang's. that could be them, but this is a long-shot. I will stop-in someday to ask, but wil appreciate any local intelligence on the topic.