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Apr 2, 2007 09:54 AM

Vert--Short review

Went to Vert on Saturday night, pre-Wicked. Under whelmed. The olive appetizer was ok. The olives and burrata were good, but the bread that came with it was pre-buttered and super greasy. Calamari was very salty. Two of us had the braised short rib pasta. The pasta and the accompanying parmesan froth was practically flavorless. The ribs were fatty. DH said his lamb shank was good--I didn't try it. Other friend had the burger and said it wasn't that good and she wouldn't get it again (I didn't ask for further details). Skipped dessert. Would not return.

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  1. I went to Vert somewhat recently too - felt everything was just mediocre (had a raw scallop appetizer which was over-powered by the citrus-olive oil marinade, but the smoke mozzarella ravioli & the king salmon in sweet soy sauce were decent). Dessert was definitely bad, though - glad you skipped -- I'd much rather saved the few bucks to buy a couple 'o beard papas.


    1. There has been a decline of quality since Chris Vasquez left the helm (now at primitivo).

      1. lamb was good last two times i was there. guess i'll have to stick with what i know, although, i hate ordering the same thing each time.

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          I work in the area and yes the quality has declined in the last year or so. The chef change makes sense as a reason, regardless, it is too bad as it was very solid when it opened.