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Apr 2, 2007 09:34 AM

Olympia, Wa. Restaurant needed

I will be in Olympia for one night (tonight) and would like to eat at Olympia's finest. It can be a five star restaurant or a complete dive, but is there one meal in Olympia that shouldn't be missed? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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  1. That's easy peasy! Check out the Mark on Columbia. Chef Lisa Owen uses some of the freshest local ingredients for her italian inspired eats. Never experienced a bad meal. The pasta is heavenly!

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    1. re: iheartgrittytacoma

      Thanks, but they appear to be closed on Monday.

      1. re: deesher

        Shoot! Sorry about that! I keep thinking it's tuesday . . . that's what happens when you work all weekend! You might want to try Mercato, they are open and their food is pretty decent too!

      2. re: iheartgrittytacoma

        Olympia is pretty weak on restaurants and since i'm posting this at 10 pm the night you're in town it doesn't matter. However, if you see this by breakfast time go check out The Place. Great greasy spoon food and unlimited hashbrowns.