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Apr 2, 2007 09:34 AM

Help Needed: Anniversary Dinner in Portland

I'm looking for a reccomendation for a romantic dinner in Portland for our 7th wedding anniversary (this Wednesday night). The top criteria is atmosphere, but food/creative quality is a close second. I'd like to avoid the restaurants we've been to many times or recently: Paley's Place, Le Pigeon, The Heathman, Alberta Street Oyster Grill, Ciao Vita. Any help is appreciated!

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  1. I'd recommend Carlyle (http://www.carlylerestaurant.com/) first and foremost. It's my favorite place in town.

    Also worthwhile are:

    Alba Osteria: http://www.albaosteria.com/index.html
    Castagna: http://www.castagnarestaurant.com
    Wildwood: http://www.wildwoodrestaurant.com

    Places I don't like as much, but still contenders:

    Giorgio's: (can't find a website, sorry
    )clarklewis: http://www.ripepdx.com/clarklewis.html
    Hurley's: http://www.hurleys-restaurant.com

    I've never been, but Carlyle's former chef is there now, so it is on my list (though it is a huge space and may not be the atmosphere you are looking for):

    Olea: http://www.olearestaurant.com

    1. If atmosphere is tops, I'd suggest Fenouil, perhaps. I think the food is solid as well, but I really like the room.

      Otherwise, Jill makes plenty of good suggestions. I wouldn't choose Clarklewis, though, if you want a quiet, comfortable meal.

      Among the others, I'd say Hurley's is best for atmosphere. It has more of a cozy elegance, like Paley's.


      1. Had our 1st anniversary dinner last year at Hurley's. Atmosphere, food and service were all wonderful.

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        1. Thanks to all - we ate at Carlye and liked it a lot. I had a great monkfish dish and my wife had the anglioti.