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Apr 2, 2007 09:34 AM

Table & Vine, Northampton - Closing Sale?

Table & Vine, the giant Wine / Booze / Gourmet goodies store in Northampton is closing this weekend. Their West Springfield store will stay open. I have heard rumors, which seem logical, that they are putting some items on sale at significant discount to avoid having to move their whole inventory. However, when I called the store, they said there was "no special sale" going on. Does anyone in the area have more information?
I am in Boston, but used to live in W. Mass and remember Table & Vine fondly. I'm shopping for a number of cases of wine for a wedding this summer and a steep discount would make a drive out there more than worthwhile. I'd love any more information anyone can give.

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  1. I'm under the impression that Table & Vine will be "moving" into the enlarged Big Y store currently being constructed adjacent to the long-standing Big Y in the same shopping complex. I don't know, though, how deep their "new" wine & goodies selection will be once folded into the new super store.

    1. I heard that same rumor-- and I think my husband has gotten some nice bottles of wine their for a slight discount-- but I don't think they're doing anything major or organized. I haven't stopped in, myself, so I don't know if it would be worth making a trip just for that or not...

      1. Yoicks! I sure hope they're moving and not disappearing! We'll be relocating to the Northampton area this summer and were looking forward to having T&V nearby. I'll look forward to the definitive answer on this.

        1. Well, I believe Table and Vine/Town and Country are owned by Big Y, so anything is possible. JB

          1. My husband and I went to T&V the last day they were open - we hadn't been there in months and were shocked to learn they were closing. The staff said that most of their inventory was going down to Springfield and that they were going to have a "limited" selection in Big Y. So it sounds like the best bet for the future is to visit the Springfield location.