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Apr 2, 2007 09:19 AM

Restaurant Needed: Wausau, Wisconsin Rapids, and OshKosh

We are traveling in Wausau, Wisconsin Rapids, and OshKosh, WI this week. Any recommendations for lunch and dinner restaurants? We'd prefer to eat at locally owned places.

I found an old post related to Wausau that was helpful, but didn't know if anyone had any up to date recommendations? We prefer fresh, flavorful food (soups, salads, vegetables, grilled entrees, and homemade desserts). Not too hip on the steak and potato or chain-type restaurants.

Thank you for any help!

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  1. In Oshkosh, other than a few mexican places, I think your only real option for fresher food is Water City Grill on Algoma or High & Main St. I worked there in college when it was The Globe and it likely has the same charm. Not sure, but it might be Sisco sourced.

    Fratello's in Oshkosh is also nice as it is on the water and is a brew-restaurant with some pretty good beers. The food isn't anything special but the steak sandwich is good.

    You will have far more options in Appleton if you head up that way FYI.

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      Thanks for the info, any Appleton recommends then?

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        My information is somewhat old as I have not lived in the Fox Valley for awhile, but;

        Sai Ram on Northland (I think) is a great family-owned Southern Indian place. Skip the buffet and order off the menu.

        Koreana is also on Northland I think and is good Korean and sushi. I used to lunch here often.

        Apollon is a fun Greek place off College Ave next to what use to be the SBC Ameritech building. Good Greek winelist:

        Nakashima's, a teppanyaki and sushi place, and it's sister Katsu-Ya sushi restaurant are not bad, but I think Koreana is better:

        I always liked Frank's Pizza Palace on College for pizza and a beer.

        The Season's (off 41 @ College Ave) is pretty good "fine dining", however if you live in a larger metropolitan area I would skip as it is not great by any means.

        If, by chance, you land in Marshfield while near Wis Rapids and Wausau, you could do me a huge favor and try the Central Waters brew-pub's reuben and help me confirm that it is one of the best ever (tip: get the dressing on the side so you can taste the corned beef...).

        Enjoy your trip.