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Ritter Sport Chocolate in GTA

Does anyone know the store(s) that a wide selection of Ritter Sport Chocolate bars? Preferrably in Mississauga or Downtown area.

PS. I'm also interested in the Cube and Mini Versions that I saw on the web but haven't had luck seeing them in Canada yet. Has any of you seen these little guys?

Thanks in advance!

cube: http://www.germandeli.com/rispsc24.html
mini: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Ri...

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  1. I've seen them at the Loblaws on dupont and christie.

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      Also at the Queens Quay Loblaws at the foot of Jarvis. As of a few months ago they had a fairly wide selection (about a half-dozen types, different darknesses etc.) in the candy aisle towards the back of the store.

    2. I'd give the folks at Lein Deli a call. They're on Lakeshore in Long Branch ----> http://www.leindeli.com/

      1. As mentioned, Loblaws has the regular versions. Try calling Brandt Meats in Mississauga.They carry a wide range of Ritter and other European chocolates. Their factory store is only open Wed-Sat, though.

        1. Hi! I love their bars as well. I don't live downtown/Mississauga, but I buy them from Longo's, Loblaws or the Great Canadian SuperCentre. I've seen the little cubes, minis, but that was a long time ago at some European deli. I think they're hard to find.

          1. The Prague Deli on Queen has a great selection.

            1. Seen them at Shoppers. Love the fruit and health one...made with rum.....mmmmmmmmmm

              1. Right next door to European Meats, which is at 16 Jutland Road (in the Kipling and Queensway area) is a european deli (I don't the name) that stocks a very large selection of european chocolate, including many Ritter Sport chocolates.


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                    If you got a membership to costco, they stock ritter sport as well. I know during the holidays you could get I think a 16 pack with 4 varieties of bars. Good gifts too.

                1. wow thanks guys for the replies! very helpful info indeed~~! =)

                  1. Rabba (the one on Wellesley, east of Yonge) has them

                    Reither's on church st definately has the minis and all the flavours