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Apr 2, 2007 08:08 AM

Spumoni v Tottonno's

I've never been to either. Plan on being in the general vicinity this week, and would love to ideally hit both places. However, if I had to choose one...

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  1. I'm assuming it's Passover and DiFara's is still closed. I havent been to Totonno's in years but it used to be my favorite. Here's something I wrote about it (the last paragraph)

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      1. re: abu applesauce

        Yes, but remember I haven't been there in many years.

    1. theyre total opposites. l&b's squares are like no other. big, dough-y, great sauce...if the weather is nice, you can eat outside on the picnic tables. very bare bones. id also recommend you go a few blocks up to stillwell and 86th for john's deli. you can't go wrong with their roast beef sandwich...dont forget to tip.

      totonnos...havent been there in a few years but its like an old school pizza parlor that might have been an outtake from goodfellas. the owner and the staff think they are gods but its still a great pie.

      id probably get that sandwich at john's and 3 squares at L&B over Totonnos

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      1. If you hit L&B's for a few slices, don't forget to finish off with some spumoni. My wife passed by there on her way home to NJ, I had 7 slices and a pint of spumoni. I really over did it but it was sooooo good.

        1. l&b -- too saucy... can barely taste the cheese. and too doughy. also, spumoni's kind of gross. never got the appeal. but clearly my tastes don't align with the loyal l&b crowd... though if you love totonno's, i suspect yours won't either. diff. breed of pizza.

          get the square slice at vinnie vincenz in town some day to satisfy the tangy sauce craving. stick with totonno's when you're out there. imho...

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          1. re: thievery

            While Totonno's may have the look and feel of a slice place, it only serves whole pies, so unless you are going with several people, I don't think you can try both. Personally, I prefer Totonno's round style to L & B's square, but it depends what you're in to at the moment.

            1. re: thievery

              you have to be sure to snag the edge pieces at L&B and hope that the pie is well done- the center pieces are too saucy for me. I think the spumoni is mediocre but Im afraid I cant refer you to a better Brooklyn source.

              1. re: jen kalb

                Do both. Start with Totonno's for a full pie to experience the classic Brooklyn Neapolitan. After, drive to L+B for, as Jen suggests, a couple of corner slices and wash it down with spumoni, which is as good, frankly, as this confection gets, and I've been a Brooklyn spumoni kid for too many years to count.

            2. To me it's not even a choice. Tottonno's all the way. And their crust is so thin, you shouldn't have a problem splitting a small pie between two people.