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Apr 2, 2007 07:55 AM

Best cheesesteak?

Hi all...who do you think has the best cheesesteak in NYC? I'm looking for great meat quality and the perfect fresh roll. Thanks!

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    1. re: LFeinberg

      Woah there relax... 10:55-12:30 on a Monday is when people are usually getting things done at work that need to go out today.

      I like 99 Miles for the meat quality but I admit that the roll isn't so great. It just doesn't stand up to the grease that well. I've also tried Philly Slim's and Tony Luke's and didn't like either as much. (I know, I know, I must have hit Tony Luke's on a bad night...)

      1. re: jakew8

        Tony Luke's has never had a great cheesesteak. Their pork sandwich is very good, but the cheesesteaks are just ordinary. I'm sure I have been to many local pizza joints that serve better cheesesteaks than TL.

        Only authentic/great one in the city is at Wogie's.

        1. re: LFeinberg

          And let's not forget if you do not have today you have to wait 8 days. :-))

          1. re: jfood

            I guess my last name is a dead giveaway? hahaha. :)

            1. re: LFeinberg

              not sure--anyone who eats cheesesteak may not observe K for P, right...?

              1. re: jakew8

                Of course we do. It's what many of us eat on days we do not eat sausage and pepper heros. Just a different spot in the sand for the line. On another thread I posted peanut butter on Matzah and it has to be Yehudah from Israel.

                My oldest was going back to college this morning after spring break and we had the first sedar last night. Go figure. It's all a matter of perspective.

                Happy Pesach to all.

                1. re: jfood

                  Yum...peanut butter on matzah sounds pretty good! Happy pesach to you, as well.

          2. re: jakew8

            Hey guys new to the boards. I've ate at 99 miles and didn't have a pleasant experience. I found it to be too greasy and it didn't sit well in my stomach. One of the best cheesesteaks that I've had was in Hoboken, NJ, the place is called Philly's Cheesesteak.

          3. re: LFeinberg

            I like Carl's and Wogie's.

            I hear 99 miles to Philly is fantastic but I haven't tried it yet.

            1. re: LFeinberg

              I like 99 miles to philly the best with Carl's coming in a close second. Wogies (although I love their wings) have rolls hard as rocks and little meat. Ziggiz is decent if you really have a craving and want one they deliver really fast but not great quality.

              1. re: LFeinberg

                I was excited about trying Carl's a few months ago and the best I can give it is a "not bad."

              2. Wogies is the best I've had in NYC.

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                1. wogies used to be my fav... but the quality had declined a bit. the rolls are great but they need to use more meat if going with the firmer bread. they seem to have started adding way to much oil as well... while mincing the meat to finely. nonetheless... i'd still put it at #2... and it's a restaurant with service and comfortable seating unlike most of the other contenders.

                  carl's is tops at the moment.

                  never cared for the meat or the bread (often stale-ish) at 99 miles to philly.

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                  1. re: thievery

                    Not traditional, but I like BB Sandwich shop.

                    1. re: tpigeon

                      I'm with you tpigeon. I'll go to Philly for the real thing. Makes it special each time. I think the BB version is a great sandwich that stands in its own category.

                      Will hit Carl's when in desperation mode.

                        1. re: psawce

                          still open. w. 3rd and macdougal. only 1 sandwich offered... you just decide how many you want. kaiser roll, american cheese, carmelized onions, spicy ketchup and thin, unchopped slices of steakums like meat. not a big fan myself... the sauce overpowers the meat... which i didn't find to appealing anyway. but it has it's devotees and it's unique... so worth judging for yourself.

                    2. Last year I had two very good sandwiches at carl's around 33rd. Two weeks ago I had a terrible sandwich at Carl's on chambers. The meat, roll and cheese were good but the seasonings were off. It was so salty, I didn't eat the 2nd half.

                      1. Tony Luke's NYC has disassociated itself with the original and changed its name. The quality of their roast pork italian has sadly also left the building. Philly Slim's is too gloppy, 99 Miles is not worth the trip, Carl's is decent, haven't tried Wogies and BB is a different animal. Refuse to try Cheesesteak Factory.Mrs. GG and my daughter wouldn't let me detour last week to Philly to get the real thing on our way to D.C. :(