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Matzah Toppings

It's that time of year again and Happy Pesach to all.

In addition to the normal butter and salt, I was wondering what people put on Matzah in addition.

My favorite is peanut butter

Anyone else top matzah with stuff other than butter?

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  1. Cream cheese or Farmer cheese with cherry jam on my matzah

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      Ciaogal, you're a woman after my own heart! Those are my faves with an occasional foray into cream cheese or farmer cheese with smoked salmon. My sister and I have a yearly tradition of finding and exchanging jars of kosher l'pesach cherry jam. With whole cherries, of course!

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        My breakfast this morning! A Passover classic from my childhood - matzoh with Temptee Cream Cheese and Cherry Jam! Lunch today will be matzoh with Charoset and banana. I am bummed - I could not get any Pesadich cherry jam this year.

    2. I love all three, butter, salt and crunchy p.b. I also like butter and any cheese soft enough not to break the matzo. Gut Pesach to you as well.

      1. jams and jelly- sometimes honey

        1. I didn't think peanut butter was kosher for Passover.

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            For more observant Jews it is not - but some of us more "relaxed" folks do not consider beans, corn, etc to be taboo.

            My husband likes matzah with butter & cinnamon/sugar in the toaster oven for breakfast.

            I just made Sephardic charoset for the first time - and it was SO good, I may be eating that on matzah for B, L, & D this week!!! We also used to eat sandwich stuff on matzah - mayo, turkey, lettuce, etc. Not such a fan in adulthood though.

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              Well, I know that CH doesn't like us to discuss the laws of kashrut (kosherness) but there have been recent "decisions" in Conservative judaism regarding peanuts, peanut butter and peanut oil being OK for Passover. I'm not sure about other movements however. As I understand it, peanuts are considered "kitniyot" or traditionally forbidden by some groups because historically they were one of the substances bread could be made from so there could be cross-contamination or confusion that was better to be avoided. But they're not "chometz" specifically. There's lots of info online which you'll find if you do a quick search.

            2. I actually put the PB on it & stick it in the toaster oven on light- it just melts the PB & is extra yummy (sometimes top with jelly after)!

              have done matzah pizza in the past
              also good with mustard & kosher salami

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                Matzah pizza sounds good. Will have to give that a go this weekend.

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                  Matzoh pizza and matzoh grilled cheese are my two favorites. I only use processed american cheese for the matzo grilled cheese and stick it into an oven until the cheese is all bubbly and brown. Reminds me of my daily passover lunches growing up.

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                    it's good, but be careful not to overdue the sauce or it's difficult to handle.

                2. Gouda or swiss cheese melted over fresh tomato or roasted red peppers. Any kind of melted cheese is great, actually. I don't celebrate Pesach (since I'm not Jewish), but I buy matzah just for such nefarious purposes.

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                        Yum. With just a sprinkling of salt. Heart attack on a cracker!

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                          Schmaltz, salt and cracked black pepper. Chopped liver. Livermush and scrambled eggs. Yum!

                        2. Hommous...esp if it's heavy on the tahini (ie, not too dry)
                          tuna salad
                          eggplant salad

                          1. Cottage cheese (drained a bit) sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, then given a quick toast in the toaster oven. Best done on a piece of foil, since it can drip over the edges.

                            1. Tuna salad (no mayo). I always use this recipe:

                              1. The same stuff I put on bagels: cream cheese, smoked salmon, whitefish spread...

                                As for butter -- it's gotta be unsalted whipped butter for me.

                                1. when I'm too lazy to make matzah pizza, I love to dip matzah into tomato basil sauce. its like a twist on chips and salsa

                                  1. Keep in mind that I'm not Jewish, so I don't keep kosher.

                                    Matzah "nachos" - salsa, olives, cheese, veggie refried beans, heated in the toaster oven
                                    President's Choice artichoke spread, sliced tomatoes
                                    Cottage cheese and apple butter, heated until melty (like a matzah danish)

                                    1. Haroset on Passover! YUM
                                      I also love to break it up and make matzo brie!
                                      This year I will chocolate cover some, schpritz w/chocolate whipped cream and offer up for dessert!

                                      1. I do love that Egg'n'Onion flavor just straight up, but...

                                        On plain, I like apple butter. Or, apricot jam w/ a little butter.

                                        Top w/ sliced fresh mozzarella; stick in toaster til melty-ish. Sprinkle on grated parm; back in toaster/broiler to make bubbly. Top w/ sundried tomato puree, or marinara.

                                        My friend loves by bing cherry jam, a drizzle of hazelnut oil and a sprinkle of grated chocolate.

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                                            I'm glad he gave Marcy Gold credit since this is almost identical to her recipe. I did try sprinkling fleur de sel on my matzo crunch this year and it will be part of my procedure from now on since it is just the right marriage of sweet, crunch and salt. Be careful this stuff is addictive!

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                                              I linked to his recipe specifically because of the fleur de sel. I wouldn't want anyone to miss the best part!

                                          2. Cream cheese and jelly or cream cheese and green olives. Yum.

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                                              cream cheese and strawberry jam.

                                              crispy matzoh brie, with the matzoh soaked first then fried in butter

                                            2. chicken salad made from chicken from the soup, on top of matzah... nothing is better! i like to add wine vinegar, dijon and lots of celery and dill to the standard mayo.

                                              with my coffee, i like to do a thin layer of butter with cocoa powder ever-so-lightly sprinkled on top. sounds yuck, but it's really awesome... the bitterness of the cocoa is cut by the sweetness of the butter.

                                              1. I live off of matzah pizza all week! I wish I could eat peanut butter, but it was always taboo in my family. But Temptee (that whipped cream cheese) and jam is my favorite breakfast! Also, the classic smoked cheese melted on matzah is also a good snack.

                                                1. I love cream cheese and honey!

                                                  1. Had to laugh because I just finished my lunch - chopped liver on matzo!

                                                    Smoked salmon/whitefish spread with tomatoes
                                                    kosher bologna & mayo
                                                    cream cheese & Polaner cherry jam
                                                    cream cheese & chopped green olives
                                                    Nutella & chocolate syrup usually Egg matzo (only for special occasions)

                                                    1. My favorites are whitefish salad, madbukha (peppers and tomatoes) and the toffee style. My kids love cream cheese or melted cheese.

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                                                        i have a fabulous recipe for chocolate candied matzah, if anyone would like me to post it! it's delicious, inexpensive, and very very easy...

                                                      2. Ricotta cheese topped with apricot jam. Nice and moist. Great with coffee for breakfast.

                                                        1. I usually have cream cheese with strawberry preserves. But today I tried a clash of cultures and topped it with manchego and guava paste.


                                                          1. anything that is good when topped with peanut butter is likewise good when topped with speculoos pate. a friend from belgium sent it to me, and for p.b. lovers it will blow your mind and open up broad new horizons.

                                                            1. i have been enjoying horseradish and smoked turkey this year. if you make it in the morning and bring it for lunch, it is a very pleasant texture, not so messy. i have been thinking that cream cheese with smoked salmon and capers and arugula would be pleasant as well.

                                                              1. Hmmmmm! Liverwurst. Hmmmmm.

                                                                1. only time of the year I di this - I keep strict kosher fir passover so no mustard - salami with catsup on matzah - it is so wrong but tastes so right -

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                                                                    This is also wrong, but good for Pesach, kosher bologna with that homemade tasting full fat mayo on matzo. It was the one time of the year my mother made mayo from scratch, EVOO, eggs & fresh lemon juice. Embarrassed to say I could eat a bowl of it plain.

                                                                    1. re: Diane in Bexley

                                                                      that does sound good - found a package of balogna in the fridge - will have to try it tonight

                                                                  2. maple syrup and some kind of preserves both work.also,my wife made it with added pecans.yummy stuff.