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Apr 2, 2007 07:20 AM

Australia Newbie- Best Food Ideas!

I will be going to Cairns, Australia for the first time this coming summer and I cannot wait!! I've already done a rudimentary search online- I've read the menu options for the Red Ochre Grille and realize that there are numerous fruits/veggies/nuts I am not familiar with down under.
I would love suggestions for either places to eat in Cairns (budget ideally- restaurant, cafe, hole in the wall or I'm hoping there are street markets) or suggestions for Australian foods to try in general. (I've already sampled vegemite- not to my taste buds yet but I'll give it another go!) For example, are there any exotic fruits that I need to try? Can you find those specialty breads with Australian ingredients in places other than Red Ochre Grille?


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  1. For something different head for Rusty's markets (in the city) on a Friday or Saturday - a lot of sellers have samples of product to try - eg: tropical/exotic fruit and breads.
    Try the Esplanade (the waterfront) for wall to wall eateries covering all types of foods and budgets. Walk around, look, smell, choose!
    Grafton Street (city) has a good selection of eateries - again all types of foods and budgets. La Fettuccina would be one of my favoured places to eat on Grafton Street.
    If you have the time and the inclination the Sunday brunch at the Cairns International is worth a visit - I think these days is around $57.00 aud per person - a huge buffet including seafood and drinks. It does pay to book well in advance. - look under Cafe Coco