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Apr 2, 2007 06:56 AM

Trader Joe's in Charlotte, open yet?

Does anyone know if either of the proposed TJs in Charlotte are open yet? Or know of an opening date?

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  1. They're not open yet. Trader Joe's website just has them listed as 'coming soon' without any date. Seems like I heard from someone who heard that they weren't opening till 2008, but I may be confusing that with Whole Foods which is also 'coming soon'.

    1. I drove by the Rea Rd. location a few days ago, and it was still a work in progress. It's difficult to see inside because of the front cover. I recall the local media indicating it was opening sometime this Spring.

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      1. re: RonG

        Trader Joe's corporate office says both stores will open in the third or fourth quarter of 2007. 2008 is Whole Foods.

      2. TJ's Charlotte North is next in the queue on the website. This is usually an indication of 'how soon'. Can anyone tell me where they think the N CLT location is, in terms of cross streets ? I have to live in a extended stay hotel in N CLT the next 3 months and want to stay near it. Thanks

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        1. re: ob2s

          The TJ North location is on Mallard Creek Church Road not quite to the intersection of Mallard Creek. Not too far from the Harris Teeter on that intersection on the same side of the road. I don't think the building is up yet.

        2. Looks like they are ready to pour the foundation. Can't wait!

          1. South Charlotte opening this Friday. The one in University area should be fairly soon -- maybe 2 months? Can't wait.

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              I am so excited that these are opening!