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Apr 2, 2007 06:50 AM

Little Italy rehearsal dinner

Need recommendations for Little Italy: Della Notte or D'Alesio's?

Any other suggestions for a rehearsal dinner would be appreciated -- good food but nothing too overly formal.

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  1. I like Chipparelli's myself. People rave about Sabatino's but I don't see the appeal. Specifically they rave about the homemade salad dressing that they have but I didn't like it. Always gotta hit Vacarro's for dessert after!

    1. I actually prefer La Scala. It's fairly new, compared to the other Little Italy restaurants, and it serves authentic Italian--not the feux American-Italian fusion. If you go, definitely get their cannoli's. The head owner and chef, Nino, his mother makes them, and she is the only one with the recipe. She told me she'll give it to Nino when she dies. They come three different ways: traditional, hazelnut, and I believe lemon. The shells are homemade, as well. Simply delicious!

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        Second La Scala. Definitely talk to Nino when you plan your menu; I understand that he's very helpful and accomodating.

        Other possibly is La Tavola. I recently had a business dinner there that was very good and very reasonably priced.

        Would probably not recommend Chips. Kind of find it like a tourist trap.