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Apr 2, 2007 06:47 AM

What to Bake in if I don't Have Ramekins?

I'm making the flourless chocolate cakes from this month's Gourmet, from the Floyd Cardoz Passover menu. Can I just make the exact same recipe in a 9in springform pan? Or do I have to make recipe adjustments?

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  1. You would probably have to increase the baking time as less of the cake would be exposed to heat.
    I would keep an eye on it throughout baking time, and perhaps lower the temp and increase the time to ensure the center is cooked but the outside is not overcooked.

    1. I'm not familiar with the recipe, but I'm assuming it's calling for a large ramekin. That should work, but metal will cook the edges more. maybe drop the heat 25 degrees.

      if it calls for personal ramekins, then you should buy some. they're really great as prep cups.

        1. re: hotoynoodle

          if you use metal muffin tins, i'd suggest you put the tin in a bain marie (just a cookie sheet or casserole sheet with water coming up the sides of the tin). This prevents scorching/burning.
          If you do one big springform, test it first. the outside will likely be overdone and the center underdone....
          I second the teacup/coffeecup suggestion. Be sure to grease them (or whatever the recipe says) very well...

          1. re: anita_cocktail

            you're right that the edges will overbook, but a bain marie will make it too cold to cook the edges at all.

        2. I do have muffin tins, so I could give that a try, though i wonder how hard it'll be to get them all out? Might just end up using the pan and keeping an eye on it, at a lower temp. Don't have the time nor budget to buy ramekins. I'm sure they're not that expensive but as this is the only time in about 15 years of baking that I've ever made anything using them, I think I'll pass on buying them.

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          1. re: brownie

            You can put a strip of parchment across the bottom and up the sides of your muffin tins to help get the individual cakes out. Otherwise, go ahead and use your springform. Personally, I would still bake at 350, just keep an eye on it for the signs of doneness listed in the recipe.

          2. if it's individual ramekins (that are small) I sometimes use vertically sided (ovenproof!) tea/coffee cups. It is very cutesy of me but I think creme brulees and souffles look pretty served in cups with saucers. Sorry, I'll go tell myself off now for being a freak.

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            1. re: ali patts

              Don't do it, ali patts. Oven-proof (like stoneware) coffee or tea cups work perfectly fine
              as ramekins if you don't own them or the kitchen you're in doesn't have them. I've done
              many a fine creme caramel this way.