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Apr 1, 2007 08:56 PM

Pizza Places in Chicago that ship their pizzas frozen [Split from Midwest Board]

I hope someone here can recommend something acceptable for you.

Not that it's the same, but some of the pizza places in Chicago ship their pizza frozen, packed in dry ice:

Giordano's (stuffed double-crust pizza)

Edwardo's (stuffed double-crust pizza)

Gino's East (single crust pan pizza)

Lou Malnati's (single crust pan pizza)

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  1. Some NY pizzerias (none that I've heard of) will do this too. The idea has a long history. Frank Sinatra was rumored to have had a big pie from Patsy's Pizza flown from Harlem to LA

    1. We've had pizza shipped from nancy's pizza before. It's NOT packed in dry ice. We usually call a week ahead of time, they half bake and freeze for 2 or 3 days then send us pizza boxes (last shipment out, first morning delivery). Has worked for us several times.

      we always call and order from the broadway location.

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        Can you tell me which location did? email me at

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          Its been seven years since this was who knows if they still do ship.

      2. A Chicagoan transplanted in San Diego, I have satisfied my craving for Chicaaago pizza by ordering from Lou Malnati's. It being a South Side place (and me being a West Side gal), I never ate it growing up, but my in-laws (South Siders) have sent it to me a few times. It turns out great! As the above poster said, it comes frozen on dry ice (2 day shipping, as I recall). And you can order packages with pizzas, Vienna Beef dogs, Carson's ribs, and Buona Beef (all Chicago faves). I've only ever had the pizzas and dogs, though.

        I've never tried ordering from Giordano's, but my interest in perked as that was my childhood favorite.

        Mmmmm ... pizza ... now I want one. =)

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        1. re: ohm86

          Ohm86, I too am a Chicago transplant in SoCal and love Giordano's!!!
          Oooh, Giordano's is soooo good when you're in Chicago... anyone try the frozen shipped version???

          1. re: amypeapod

            If you follow the directions exactly, it comes out perfectly.

        2. We order from Gino's East and are always pleased. I got 6 of them for Dh as part of his Christmas present because he loves Chicago pizza. We get the sausage and cheese usually.

          1. The original comment has been removed